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Rhododendron Tortoise Shell Orange

Rhododendron Tortoise Shell Orange
Rhododendron Tortoise Shell Orange
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Height Excluding Pot: 50-70cm (1ft 7-2ft 3)

Pot size: 18 Litres

Plant ID: 10281 64

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Rhododendron Tortoise Shell Orange is a large but compact evergreen rhododendron with spectacular orange blooms. It suits large flower borders. Rhododendron Tortoise Shell Orange is an Elepidote hybrid holding the RHS AGM. Its flowers are show stoppers and easily recognisable.

Tortoise Shell Orange has evergreen long-fingered foliage with a red petiole. The leaves form a dark green backdrop for the showy mid-spring flowers (May or June) that open from dark buds. The spectacular blooms are funnel-shaped pale salmon-orange with a darker flush of orange at the tips. They grow in large loose trusses and bloom for weeks at a time. This is a rightly popular rhododendron with some of the most spectacular flowers around.

Height And Spread of Rhododendron Tortoise Shell Orange
Rhododendron Tortoise Shell Orange will grow to a maximum height and spread of around two metres over 10-20 years. It's an upright, compact shrub with dense evergreen foliage.

How Hardy is Rhododendron Tortoise Shell Orange
Hardy down to minus temperatures if the roots are well-drained. It prefers shelter, dappled shade, and not too much heat.  

How To Use Rhododendron Tortoise Shell Orange
This rhododendron is a show stopper in your front garden or as part of an acidic mixed border in a rock garden or cottage garden. It can get large but is a relatively tidy grower.
It can be container grown in a very large and well-watered pot as part of a courtyard garden or on a balcony or patio too.
Rhododendron Tortoise Shell Orange has dense foliage and its height makes an attractive hedge, but it’s best not to use it as a windbreak as it prefers shelter from harsh winds.

How To Care For Rhododendron Tortoise Shell Orange
Rhododendron Tortoise Shell Orange prefers rich, acidic soil with good drainage so add ericaceous compost and mulch each year if your soil is poor or chalky. You can also grow it in a large container of ericaceous compost if you regularly apply water and rhododendron feed. Be sure not to bury the roots too deeply as rhododendrons are shallow-rooted shrubs.

This rhododendron enjoys sunlight but not too much heat, so plant it in light dappled shade and shelter from harsh drying winds and the baking afternoon sun.

There’s no need to prune rhododendrons, but if you want to restrict their size, trim branch tips before new spring growth appears.

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