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Square Biodegradable Fibre Peat Free Potting Pots

Square Biodegradable Potting Pots
Square Biodegradable Fibre Peat Free Potting Pots
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Packet: 8


Product Type: Square Biodegradable Fibre Peat Free Strips

Plant ID: 9975 W 75

Price: £5.99

6cm Square Biodegradable Fibre Peat Free Strips 70203025
These 6 cm fibre pot strips enable seed germination and transportation without disturbing the root system. They’re peat-free and biodegradable.

Use these wood pulp square planter strips to easily grow seeds or cuttings in an organised fashion. 

They’re perfect for all types of seed, hold damp compost with ease, and sit flat on a windowsill or inside a propagator. Because they minimise handling these fibre planting strips encourage stronger, healthier plants.

When ready for planting outside young plants can be placed directly in the soil without removing the outer pot which will biodegrade in the soil.

Each pot measures 6 cms wide

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