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Spiraea Betulifolia Tor Birchleaf Spirea

Spiraea Betulifolia Tor Birchleaf Spiraea, a low-growing deciduous shrub with fragrant white flowers in late spring
Spiraea Betulifolia Tor Birchleaf Spiraea, a low-growing deciduous shrub with fragrant white flowers clusters in late spring
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Height Excluding Pot: 40-60cm (1ft 3-1ft 11)

Plant shape: 5 BRANCHES

Bare Root

Plant ID: 5118 2

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Spiraea Betulifolia Tor or Birchleaf Spirea is native to North East Asia and Japan. It has become a popular choice for UK gardeners! Hardy and undemanding, this low-growing deciduous shrub matures into a dense, rounded mound. The bright green leaves are ornamented with clusters of tiny, fragrant white flowers in late spring which will attract bees and butterflies to your garden. Through the summer the fresh-looking green leaves provide an attractive backdrop for flowering plants, and then in autumn the foliage turns bright shades of orange, red and purple to put on a brilliant show.

Height and Spread of Spiraea Betulifolia Tor
Birchleaf Spiraea will grow to a mature height and spread of 1 metres.

How Hardy Is Spiraea Betulifolia Tor?
Birchleaf Spiraea Tor is hardy in all parts of the UK and across northern Europe.

How to Use Spiraea Betulifolia Tor
Whether included as single specimen or planted in a large grouping, Spiraea Betulifolia Tor will be a hard-working part of your landscape! The shrub is compact enough to be suitable as a container planting on a roof terrace, balcony, or patio, where its fragrant blooms will delight in spring, and its autumn colour will again make it a garden focus. It is an excellent choice for a foundation planting, as it will stay low enough to not interfere with windows, or can be planted towards the front of a mixed border. Used as a low hedge along a walkway, it will create definition without blocking a view. Planted in a mass grouping on a difficult slope, Birchleaf Spirea will provide erosion control as well as being a striking addition to the landscape.

How to Care for Spiraea Betulifolia Tor
Plant Birchleaf Spiraea Tor in full sun in an exposed or sheltered position in moist, fertile well-drained sand, loam or clay soil with an acid to neutral pH. Use an organic mulch to maintain soil moisture and protect its shallow roots. Salt-tolerant, it is suitable for coastal locations. Highly tolerant of pollution, Birchleaf Spirea will thrive in even inner-city gardens. It’s an excellent landscaping choice on country properties, as it is very deer-resistant. In early spring, prune back one-third of the growth to encourage flowering. Deadhead after blooming.

Spiraea Betulifolia Tor is a great choice for UK gardens - hardy and compact, its spring flowers and autumn foliage make this a winner all season long!

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