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Stephanandra Incisa Crispa Lace Shrub

Stephanandra Incisa Crispa Lace. Low Growing Ground Cover plants to buy online with UK delivery.
Stephanandra Incisa Crispa Lace flowers
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Height Excluding Pot: 10-20cm (0ft 3-0ft 7)

Pot size: 1.5 Litres

Plant ID: 2382 1

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Stephanandra Incisa Crispa or Lace Shrub is a low-growing ground cover shrub which will not only provide a good solution for problem spots in your landscape, but add visual interest with its changing foliage colour and attractive flowers. Native to Korea and Japan, Stephanandra Incisa Crispa is well-suited to gardens across the UK. When the maple-like, crinkled, finely-cut leaves of the Lace Shrub emerge in the spring, they are red-bronze, turning a medium green in summer before becoming a fiery yellow-orange in autumn before they fall. In May and June, tiny white-yellow flowers appear in clusters. In winter, the gracefully arching, rich brown stems of Stephanandra Incisa Crispa provide visual interest.
Fully hardy throughout the UK, Stephanandra Incisa Crispa will quickly reach a full height of .5-1metre and spread of 1- 2 metres. The plant spreads by runners, rooting wherever the arching stems touch down to the ground, so it is often used as a shrubby ground cover where quick coverage is desired. Plant 1.2-1.8 metres apart. If necessary, prune in late winter. 
Stephanandra Incisa Crispa will grow best when planted in full sun, partial shade, or full shade in an exposed or sheltered position in moist, well-drained acid to neutral soil. Resistant to deer, it’s a great choice for a country garden where animals can be a problem. 
Stephanandra Incisa Crispa is a tough, spreading shrub which will perform well as an erosion control ground cover on a difficult bank or slope, as long as sufficient moisture is provided. It can be part of a mixed hedge or foundation planting where its spreading tendencies will not be a problem. It will drape itself down very effectively if planted at the top of a retaining wall. It can be used as a groundcover shrub in the shade of a woodland garden, or wherever trees cast a shade over moist, fertile earth. 
Stephanandra Incisa Crispa is a great choice for gardeners throughout the UK. Its hardiness, spreading habit, and colourful foliage, as well as its attractive spring flowers and gracefully arching stems, make it a beautiful, hardworking choice fohrubr your garden!

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