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Spiraea Arguta - Bridal Wreath

Spiraea Arguta Bridal Wreath, white flowering beauty with arching sprays of white flowers in spring & bright green leaves. Popular shrub ideal for a sunny spot
Spiraea Arguta Bridal Wreath, white flowering beauty with arching sprays of white flowers in spring & bright green leaves
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Height Excluding Pot:
80-100cm (2ft 7-3ft 3)

Pot size: 12 Litres
Plant ID: 6716 2
Price: £70.00
40% Discount £42.00
Height Excluding Pot:
1-1.25m (3ft 3-4ft 1)

Pot size: 12 Litres
Plant ID: 5116 2
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Spiraea Arguta - Bridal Wreath

This image displays plant 1-1.25 m tall.

Height Excluding Pot:
3ft 3-4ft 1

Pot size: 12 Litres

Pot size: 12 Litres

Price: £75.00
40% Discount £45.00
Price: £75.00
40% Discount £45.00
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Spiraea Arguta Bridal Wreath is a beautiful deciduous flowering shrub. A white flowering beauty with arching sprays of flowers in mid and late spring and bright green leaves. It is sometimes referred to as the Shoe Button Spirea or the Popcorn Spirea. The Royal Horticultural Society bestowed it with their Award of Garden Merit (AGM).

Bridal Wreath is a hybrid that produces a profusion of white foam-like spring flowers. The arching sprays of blossoms appear in the mid to late spring months. The lance-shaped flowers grow on the ends of the branches. Bright green, toothed-ovate foliage persist on the shrub after flowering and into the autumn months. 

Height and Spread of Spiraea Arguta
This vigorous shrub grows to a height and width of 2.5 metres. It typically takes eight to ten years to reach its full growth potential. 

How hardy is the Spiraea Arguta
Bridal Wreath will thrive in a UK plant hardiness zone H6, meaning it is fully winter hardy in the UK. 

How to Use Spiraea Arguta 
Plant Bridal Wreath in the back of a border so that its summertime mint green leaves will showcase other plants but in the spring its wondrous flower sprays can be truly appreciated. 

How to Care for Spirea Arguta
Bridal Wreath is a relatively easy-care shrub. Choose a planting location in full sun to produce an abundance of flowers. The shrub prefers well-drained fertile soil. During the first year of growth, keep the soil around the shrub evenly moist to encourage a strong root system. Immediately after flowering each spring, the shrub’s canes should be pruned back to the first buds. A mature shrub may benefit from having a quarter to a fifth of it old shoots pruned back all the way to the base. 

Spirea Arguta is a lovely springtime shrub that should be planted somewhere that you appreciate its lovely spring flowers. The shrub’s carefree requirements make it an ideal shrub to plant in any landscape. 

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