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Spiraea Vanhouttei Gold Fountain

Spiraea Vanhouttei Gold Fountain. White Flowering Spiraea for sale online with UK delivery.
Spiraea Vanhouttei Gold Fountain white flowers
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Height Excluding Pot:
40-60cm (1ft 3-1ft 11)

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Spiraea Vanhouttei Gold Fountain is a lovely new cultivar of the popular flowering Spiraea shrub which will delight with both its striking gold foliage and beautiful spring flowers. 
The Vanhoutte Spiraea has been grown in the UK for more than a century, and this new cultivar Spiraea Vanhouttei Gold Fountain has some distinctive and beautiful characteristics. Its arching stems are covered with leaves which start as a bright lime green when they first emerge, changing to gold from summer to autumn, complemented by masses of dense white clusters of flowers in May and June which weigh down the branches with their abundance. 
Hardy throughout most of the UK, Spiraea Gold Fountain will grow to a height and spread of 1.5 metres after 5 to 10 years. Like all spiraeas, it will do best if pruned regularly. After flowering, remove all dead or damaged stems, and then cut a third of the stems down to the base to maintain vigorous new growth. 
Spiraea Vanhouttei Gold Fountain will thrive if planted in fertile, moist, well-drained sand, loam, or chalk soil. While it will tolerate partial shade, it will flower more profusely and have brighter leaf colour in full sun. It will do well in a sheltered or exposed position, and is suited to coastal locations. 
While other varieties of Spiraea are unremarkable once they have finished blooming, Spiraea Vanhouttei Gold Fountain is a season-long star performer with its golden leaves. This makes it a great choice for a specimen planting in a mixed border, or as a foundation planting next to your house. One planted in your lawn will grow to be a stunning focal point. It also can be part of a mixed hedge, or you could plant a row of Spiraea Vanhouttei Gold Fountain to provide a bright highlight throughout the spring, summer and autumn. In a country setting, Spiraea Gold Fountain can also be used as ground cover on a slope or steep bank where little else will grow.  
Spiraea Vanhouttei Gold Fountain will get your garden off to an early start in the spring as its leaves emerge, followed by the extravagant display of flowers in mid-spring, before settling down to provide a golden highlight throughout the summer and autumn. This new cultivar will grow to be a favourite in your garden!

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