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Spirea Billardii

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Height Excluding Pot: 80-100cm (2ft 7-3ft 3)

Pot size: 10 Litres

Plant ID: 8569 64

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Spirea Billardii
Spirea Billardii or Billiard Spirea is a hardy and reliable deciduous shrub that’s very easy to grow. It fills a mixed border with bright rose flowers during summer. Spirea are popular, hardy shrubs originating from China. They were introduced here in the 1850s and have gone from strength to strength. Spirea Billardii is a flowering, deciduous version with erect stems and bright rose-coloured flowers.

This suckering shrub produces green oblong leaves in spring that are hairy, sharply toothed and pale grey beneath. The green textured foliage creates a perfect backdrop for its bright pinky-purple flowers that arrive in July and bloom throughout to August in large fluffy panicles. Foliage drops in autumn with the arrival of frost.

Height and Spread of Spirea Billardii
Spirea Billardii will grow to a graceful height of 2.5 metres and spread over 2 metres without any fuss.

How Hardy Is Spirea Billardii
Spirea Billardii is a hardy flowering shrub that withstands UK winters down to sub-zero temperatures and comes back bigger and brighter the following year. If its roots are well-drained this plant is a reliable, resilient shrub for the garden border.

How To Use Spirea Billardii
Spirea Billardii is an ideal filler in a mixed border where it provides height and colour during the summer. It’s a great addition to a wildlife-friendly garden as its scented pink flowers attract pollinating insects. This pretty spirea will grow happily in the flower border but it isn’t keen on chalky soils.

You can grow this spirea billardii in a large well-fed and well-watered container to brighten up a dull patio too.

How To Care For Spirea Billardii
Spirea Billardii grows best in a sunny position in well-drained fertile soils of any pH, but it’s not keen on chalky conditions. If your border is chalky think about growing a container specimen instead. Spirea Billardii is a low maintenance shrub that can be left to grow on its terms, but if you want to manage its height and bushiness, prune back flowered shoots after the flowers have finished. At the end of summer, you can cut back 1 in 4 of the older shoots to the base.
Water well until established and add a thick layer of mulch to the base in spring to boost nutrients and give the plant a healthy growing season.

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