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Syringa Vulgaris Znamya Lenina Lilac

Scented Striking Red Blooms

Syringa Vulgaris Znamya Lenina Lilac Red Scented Blooms
Syringa Vulgaris Znamya Lenina
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Syringa Vulgaris Znamya Lenina is a deciduous lilac variety with red-purple scented flowers in summer. It suits low maintenance and cottage style gardens.

Syringa vulgaris is the common lilac. It is native to the Balkan Peninsula and has naturalised across Europe, Asia and north America where it grows in rocky well-drained areas. The lilac cultivar Znamya Lenina was bred in Russia and means ‘Banner of Lenin’ due to its strong red shade. It is a rightly popular variety of lilac for its hardy nature and pretty blooms.

Lilac Znamya Lenina has attractive heart-shaped foliage that emerges mid-green in spring. Foliage is followed by May flowers that are deep red-purple. The blooms are typical lilac with many tiny flowers creating a cluster that forms a spectacular head of colour. Lilac is known for its sweet scent and Znamya Lenina Lilac doesn’t disappoint. Its fragrant scent can be detected across a large garden especially when its planted in full sun. In autumn the leaves fall to reveal a strong framework of branches that are perfect supports for fairy lights.

Height And Spread of Syringa Vulgaris Znamya Lenina
Znamya Lenina Lilac is a large syringa that can reach three metres in height and two in spread. It can be kept shorter with regular pruning.

How Hardy Is Syringa Vulgaris Znamya Lenina
This is a hardy shrub that will survive sub-zero UK winters in well-drained soil due to its rocky native roots. It needs little water and can cope with some drought once established.

How To Use Syringa Vulgaris Znamya Lenina
Lilac Znamya Lenina suits the back of a mixed flower border where it brings height and colour in the summer months.
The pretty scented flowers suit cottage garden style planting and its low demands make it the perfect choice for a low maintenance garden.
Pollinators adore lilac so it benefits a wildlife friendly garden space too.

If you enjoy rich colour and scented shrubs Lilac Znamya Lenina is a must. You can grow it in a container to brighten a dull deck or balcony but it will need plenty of water and food in the growing months.

How To Care For Syringa Vulgaris Znamya Lenina
Once established Znamya Lenina lilac needs little care. Choose a spot in full sun for the best flower displays and water well until established. Lilac can cope with the majority of soils from chalky to acid if it’s well drained.

You can leave lilac to its own devices or deadhead it regularly to encourage flowers. There’s no need to prune but you can cut back branches in winter to manage the height and shape.  Lilac flowers on the previous year’s growth so bear in mind removing too much wood will result in lost flowers. Prune out every other stem or reduce the stems lightly.

  1. A thick layer of mulch in spring traps moisture and provides nutrients for the coming year.

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