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Tilia Cordata - Small Leaved Lime Multi-stem

Tilia Cordata or Small Leaved Lime trees for sale
Tilia Cordata or Small Leaved Lime trees showing golden autumn colour
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Height Excluding Pot:
3-3.5m (9ft 10-11ft 5)

Plant shape: Multi-stemmed

Rootball - supplied without a pot

Plant ID: 3902 64
Was £600.00
25% Off - Now £450.00
Height Excluding Pot:
3-3.5m (9ft 10-11ft 5)

Plant shape: Crown Lifted

Rootball - supplied without a pot

Plant ID: 3903 64
Was £750.00
25% Off - Now £562.50

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Tilia Cordata, or Small-leaved Lime, has long been a favourite of UK gardeners, as its hardiness, combined with considerable ornamental qualities, makes it ideal for a variety of landscapes. Our multi-stemmed specimens will fit in a variety of garden spaces!

Tilia are a genus of deciduous trees grown for their small fragrant cup-shaped flowers and stately habit. Tilia Cordata or Small Leaved Lime has a spreading habit. In ancient times Tilia Cordata was a dominant species in the woodlands of the UK, and for many centuries has been used in UK gardens and landscapes. In spring, the glossy green heart-shaped leaves, up to 8 cm long, emerge, followed by the fragrant flowers of June. Creamy-white and drooping in clusters, they will attract large numbers of bees and butterflies! In autumn, clusters of nutlets form. The foliage of Small-leaved Lime turns yellow in autumn before falling, leaving the bare multi-stemmed form to add structure to the winter garden.

Hardy throughout the UK and continental Europe, Tilia Cordata will grow to a height of 10 metres and spread of 6 metres in 25 years, with a possible mature height of 30 metres after 50 years. Little pruning of Small-leaved Lime is necessary, but if desired to create a hedge or screen, it can be done in late winter. If planting in a row or grouping, space plants 6-9 metres apart.

Plant Tilia Cordata in full sun or partial shade in a sheltered position in moist but well-drained sand, clay or chalk soil with an alkaline to neutral pH. It makes an excellent planting in a wetter but not waterlogged soil, and should not be used in extremely dry conditions, although it will tolerate short periods of drought. It is tolerant of salt, so can be planted in coastal regions, and being extremely tolerant of pollution, will thrive in city locations. As they are eaten by deer, Small-leaved Lime trees may need protection in country gardens.

Our multi-stemmed Tilia Cordata can be used to create a large screen or wind break, which can be pruned to size or left to grow into a spectacular boundary to a large property. One specimen will be a striking focal point in a large lawn. This ancient forest tree makes a good addition to a woodland or wildlife garden.

Tilia Cordata, with its roots deep in ancient Britain, is still an excellent choice for UK gardens. Our multi-stemmed trees can be used in mass plantings as ornamental and hardy additions to the landscape. See also Tilia Cordata Greenspire.

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