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Ulmus Columella Elm Full Standard Tree

Ulmus Columella Elm, a Dutch cultivar by the Dorschkamp Research Institute in Wageningen and extremely resistant to Dutch elm disease.
Ulmus Columella Elm, a Dutch cultivar extremely resistant to Dutch elm disease
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Height Excluding Pot: 3-3.5m (9ft 10-11ft 5)

Plant shape: Full standard

Trunk height: 1.8 m

Trunk girth: 10-12 cm

Pot size: 40 Litres

Plant ID: 4657 80

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Height Excluding Pot: 3.5-4m (11ft 5-13ft 1)

Plant shape: Full standard

Trunk height: 2 m

Trunk girth: 14-16 cm

Pot size: 70 Litres

Plant ID: 4658 80

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Ulmus Columella is also referred to as the Columella Elm or the Resistant Elm. It is a Dutch cultivar that was created in 1967 by the Dorschkamp Research Institute in Wageningen. This deciduous tree is extremely resistant to Dutch elm disease. It was released for sale to the public in 1989. 

During the spring months, Ulmus Columella produces dense clusters of light green flowers. Following flowering the foliage starts to emerge. The leaves are rough and twisted. They tend to curl back slightly around the stem. The scalloped leaves are arranged in visible asymmetric clusters that are located on short branchlets and measure about 7 centimeters long. The samarae that this Elm produces are ovate in shape and measure only 3–17 mm long by 10–12 mm wide. During autumn, the foliage changes to a bright yellow before falling. 

Height and Spread of the Ulmus Columella
The Columella Elm grows to a height of 20 metres with a canopy spread of 3 to 5 metres. This is a tall, fastigiate tree of slim columnar crown with a half open canopy and very upright branches.

How Hardy is the Ulmus Columella?
Columella Elm is hardy to UK zone 5 withstanding temperatures of -28 to -23 C.

How to Use the Ulmus Columella
This Resistant Columella Elm is an excellent tree for use along avenues and driveways. The Columella Elm has been planted throughout Amsterdam as an urban and street tree with great success. It also makes an acceptable windbreak. The tree grows well in coastal areas. Homeowners frequently opt to use it as a shade tree in the landscape . 

How to Care for the Ulmus Columella 
Plant the Ulmus Columella in full sun to partial shade. It is not overly picky about soil conditions but if the soil is good then the tree will grow remarkably fast. Ideally, plant it in a location that is well-draining and not prone to flooding. During its first year of growth, keep the Columella Elm evenly moist but not overly wet to encourage root growth. Once established, the tree is relatively carefree. 

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