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Tilia Tomentosa Silver Globe Full Standard Trees

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Tilia Tomentosa close up of foliage - silver lime, full standard trees to buy online with UK delivery
Silver Lime or Tilia Tomentosa Silver Globe, full standard trees, quality good sized trees for sale online with UK delivery.
Silver Lime or Tilia Tomentosa Silver Globe
Available Sizes to buy online All Prices Include VAT
Height Excluding Pot:
2.5-2.75m (8ft 2-9ft 0)

Plant shape: Full standard
Trunk girth: 14-16 cm
Pot size: 35 Litres
Plant ID: 2829 64
Was £185.00
30% Off - Now £129.50
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Our Tilia Tomentosa Silver Globe or Silver Lime tree is a deciduous full standard tree which is a perfect size for small city & urban gardens. Both its foliage and flowers make it an excellent choice!

Native to eastern Europe through to Turkey, lime trees have long been grown in European cities and are a favourite of UK gardeners. This Tilia Tomentosa Silver Globe Full Standard is an excellent landscape specimen. The heart-shaped, dark green leaves are a silvery grey underneath, and turn a golden yellow in the autumn before falling. As July turns to August the intensely fragrant yellow flowers of the Silver Lime bloom, which attract bees and butterflies. 

Hardy throughout the UK, Tilia Tomentosa Silver Globe will grow to a mature height of 6 to 8 metres. Our standard trees have been trained with a clear stem and a spherical crown, so they take up little space, making them perfect trees for small gardens. While these are slow-growing trees, our Tilia Tomentosa Full Standards are already mature specimens, so they will make an instant impact in your garden! This is a long-living species; there are lime trees over 500 years old, so planting a Tilia Tomentosa is an investment for the future.

Plant your Tilia Tomentosa Silver Globe in full sun or light shade in any moist or well-drained soil. A sunny spot will result in the best autumn colour. Silver Lime Trees will do well in dry locations. Tolerant of pollution, they are an extremely popular tree for city plantings. They also do well in coastal locations, as they are tolerant of both wind and salt. 

These small standard trees make excellent container plantings for roof terraces, courtyards and patios. One of our mature Tilia Tomentosa Full Standard specimens planted in a lawn will create an immediate focal point, where its fragrant summer flowers and autumn colour will show to great advantage. Tilia Tomentosa Silver Globe can be planted in a row in paving along a sidewalk or roadway in the city, or along a long avenue on a country property to great effect. 

See also Tilia Cordata (Small Leaf Lime) and Tilia Europaea Pallida Pleached Lime Trees. Read more about standard and half standard tree shapes here. 

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Tilia Tomentosa close up of foliage