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Acer Palmatum Beni Maiko Japanese Maple

Small Tree with Striking Foliage Colour

Acer Palmatum Beni Maiko Japanese Maple
Acer Palmatum Beni Maiko
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Acer Palmatum Beni Maiko is a beautiful red-toned deciduous tree that suits small gardens and plant containers. It holds the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Acer Palmatum are collectively known as the Japanese Maples, ornamental trees of which there are many cultivars. Japanese Maples are native to Japan but are now grown worldwide. Beni Maiko is particularily striking due to its eye-catching foliage colour. Beni Maiko means ‘red-haired dancing girl’ so it’s no surprise that it has bright red leaf colour. This is a deciduous tree, so in spring fresh new foliage appears. Springtime foliage is bright, striking scarlet-red with deep red veins. The leaves look partially crumpled and are deeply palmate with five distinct lobes. Foliage matures to a pinky-red during summer but retains its red stems and veins until autumn arrives. Leaves gradually change to warm pink beginning at the edges and slowly covering the surface before falling for winter.

This is an excellent choice of tree for small gardens and containers. Beni Maiko is one of the brightest, most compact small Japanese Maples you can buy and is rightly very popular.

Height And Spread of Acer Palmatum Beni Maiko
Japanese Maple Beni Maiko remains small growing to a maximum of 3 metres in height and 1 or 2 metres in spread.

How Hardy is Acer Palmatum Beni Maiko
Beni Maiko is hardy down to freezing temperatures in well-drained soils. Pests rarely bother this striking semi-dwarf maple

How To Use Acer Palmatum Beni Maiko
The bright foliage of this maple stands out in all styles of garden from cottage to urban townhouses. It will fit into any Japanese theme garden and looks especially good by water. Plant it in the mid-to-back of a border with other foliage plants for a striking spring to autumn display.

Due to its small size, you can grow Beni Maiko in a large well-watered and fed container where it will light up a patio or balcony through the summer.

How To Care For Acer Palmatum Beni Maiko
Acer Palmatum Beni Maiko prefers a sunny to partially sunny spot in a sheltered location that’s free from harsh drying winds.
Dig a hole three times wider than the root ball and fill it with well-rotted organic matter. Top dress with mulch each year and water well until established and during hot spells. Container-grown specimens will need regular water and food.
Regular pruning is not required and can ruin the shape of this maple. Wait until the dormant winter months to remove damaged or crossed branches.

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