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Ulmus Clusius Dutch Elm

Ulmus Clusius Dutch Elm is a Disease Resistant Dutch Elm hybrid
Ulmus Clusius is a Disease Resistant Dutch Elm hybrid
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Height Excluding Pot: 2.5-3m (8ft 2-9ft 10)

Plant shape: Full standard

Trunk height: 1.7 m

Trunk girth: 10-12 cm

Bare Root

Plant ID: 4759 65

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Ulmus Clusius, often referred to as simply Dutch Elm Clusius, is a disease-resistant elm hybrid that was bred in the 1980s.

Ulmus Clusius is a deciduous elm tree that produces small greenish flowers in March and April which discreetly tip the branches before a dense crown of dark matt green leaves burst through in spring. Flat winged nutlets appear in late summer. Clusius’ leaves are larger than other types of disease resistant elm such as Lobel, measuring 8-12cms in length. In autumn leaves turn many shades of yellow before falling late in the season to reveal silver smooth bark in young trees and a fissured, grooved trunk in older specimens.

With or without its leaves the outline of an elm is recognisable with its architectural clear stem and oval crown.

Height and Spread of Ulmus Clusius
Ulmus Clusius is a large, fast growing tree that needs room to spread. It will reach a mature height of 20 metres and spread over 6-10 metres.

How Hardy Is Ulmus Clusius
This cultivar of Ulmus Lobel shows dependable resistant to Dutch elm disease. It was developed by the Dutch University of Wageningen, known for its horticultural excellence, including the development of the effective natural box treatment Topbuxus. Ulmus Clusius will survive sub-zero temperatures and is particularly wind resistant.

How To Use Ulmus Clusius
This is a large tree best planted with plenty of room to grow in a large garden or parkland. It suits a windy, exposed aspect once established and does well on the coast too. It is pollution tolerant in urban areas and casts a speckled shade perfect for filtering summer sun.

How To Care for Ulmus Clusius
Elm trees need little care once they are established, but in the early days young trees will need some support.
If you have a sunny to partially shady spot in fertile soil Ulmus Clusius will thrive and grow quickly, but it will manage in less-than-perfect areas including heavy, clay soils and temporarily flooded sites too.
Treat your elm to a thick layer of mulch each year and stake young specimens so they can put down strong, stable roots.
There is no need to prune Dutch Elm Clusius, but you can remove broken or bent branches in its winter dormancy.

If you are looking for a disease resistant elm tree that keeps it leaves for a long period and creates a statuesque winter silhouette this tree for you. This cultivar is tough, hardy and requires little effort to grow into a magnificent elm.

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