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Darlac DP926 Vine Scissors

Darlac DP926 Vine Scissors. Grape Thinning Scissors or Snips
Darlac DP926 Vine Scissor
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Weight: 98 Gram

Product Type: Extra Slim Vine Snips

Plant ID: 8158 W 76

Price: £9.99

Darlac DP926 Vine Scissors – Grape Thinning Scissors
Darlac DP926 Vine Scissors are popular carbon steel vine snips with an extra slim profile that fits into awkward spaces without damaging fruits. Also known as grape scissors or grape thinning scissors, these garden snips are ideal for delicate pruning jobs such as deadheading, floral arrangements and snipping herbs. In fact, any light trimming job. 

These top-quality Darlac vine scissors are made from 4.5 cm carbon steel hollowed blades which produce clean, reduced friction cuts on living vines.

The blades are blunt-nosed to avoid damaging fruits or vines and they make short work of deadheading, flower arranging, bonsai upkeep and / or houseplant trimming. The soft non-slip coated handles with safety catch loop and lightweight 98 g design helps keep them safe in use.  

Lots more handy gardening tools in our plant accessories section. 

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