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Japanese Zelkova Serrata Tree

Zelkova Serrata Tree or Japanese Zelkova Tree for Sale online with UK delivery.
Zelkova Serrata Tree
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Height Excluding Pot: 2-2.5m (6ft 6-8ft 2)

Rootball - supplied without a pot

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Zelkova Serrata (often referred to as the  Japanese Zelkova tree) is a beautiful and elegant vase-shaped tree that grows to approximately 100 feet in height. It has an enormous trunk capable of expanding to more than 4 feet in diameter and grows best with plenty of sun exposure. The leaves are around 1-4 inches long and turn a beautiful orange and burnt umber hue in the autumn. 

The Japanese Zelkova tree is characterised by its short, wide trunk which splits into multiple upright stems that form a prominent, round-topped canopy. It grows quickly when young and slows down as it matures. The texture of the beautiful leaves is fine, making them delicate to look at and ideal for ornamental purposes. 

While this tree does enjoy full sunlight, it can thrive in partial sunspots also. The soil should be moist and well drained, and it's best to use a potassium rich fertiliser. The Zelkova is adaptable to various weather conditions, ensuring it can tolerate heat, dehydration and nutrient-poor soils far better than similar breeds. In order to allow light to access the inner canopy, the tree should be periodically thinned.

The Zelkova can be used as a showcase lawn tree and gives a sense of grace to any landscape garden. It is possible that this tree can grow in urban areas so long as it has some light exposure. It would look beautiful as a street tree or lining a park. Its attractive bark characteristics, vase shape and thick canopy make it both resilient and visually stunning for decorative purposes. 

The Japanese Zelkova tree has a delightful presentation. Its durability and longevity mean it can be planted in most locations, weather conditions and oil types and still thrive.

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