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Buxus Health

TopBuxus is a highly effective preventative treatment against box blight developed by treating your Buxus plants to the vitamins they need to fight box blight. This is a non-chemical, preventative treatment. TopBuxus products were developed by a Top Dutch Boxwood Nursery together with the University of Wageningen.

A fungal disease that targets box leaves specifically, box blight or Cylindrocladium buxicola, is a danger to your plants throughout the year- but especially in the rainy season. It causes the leaves to turn brown and fall off, black streaks on young growth as well as its dieback, and it can completely decimate your prized plants if not treated on time. The best way to make sure that your valuable hedge is protected from this disease is to act preventively.

In case you are looking for non-chemical box blight preventative treatments and products designed to make Buxus plants thrive, this range of highly effective products is just the thing.

The highly popular TopBuxus XenTari is a completely safe and non-toxic product that is meant to be used against moth caterpillars that attack box plants. It contains a strain of microorganisms that target only these specific caterpillars, so it will not be harmful to bees, beneficial insects, or any other living being.

TopBuxus Carpet is used for treating the environment- it prevents the possibility of fungus spread around your Buxus plant and subsequent infestation. And in case some of your box plants are already infected, use TopBuxus Health Mix, a curative treatment for already infected plants and prevention for all other neighboring box plants that are not yet showing signs of fungal infection. Lastly, to boost the health of your box plants and ensure they thrive, use TopBuxus Grow- atop quality, fast-acting fertiliser designed specifically for Buxus.

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Topbuxus Carpet - mulching product especially for Box plants or Buxus Sempervirens - helps to prevent box blight, buy online UK delivery. TopBuxus Carpet
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TopBuxus Grow Fertiliser - an excellent product for combating Box Blight, for sale online UK delivery TopBuxus Grow
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TopBuxus Health Mix is a cure and preventative product for the treatment of Box Blight - restores Buxus plants that have been affected, buy online UK. TopBuxus Health Mix
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Save your Buxus with TOPBUXUS XenTari TopBuxus XenTari

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