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TopBuxus XenTari

Save your Buxus with TOPBUXUS XenTari
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Product Type: Biological Insecticide x 5 3g Sachets

Plant ID: 7921 WC 69

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TopBuxus XenTari
Save your Buxus with TOPBUXUS XenTari, an easy to use product against moth caterpillars attacking Boxwood plants.
Put a stop to those pesky caterpillars attacking your Buxus for good! TopBuxus XenTari is a biological insecticide that contains a potent natural strain of a certain micro-organism that kills caterpillars but does no harm to other animals or plants. That micro-organism is called Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies aizawai (BTA) and its spores cause blood poisoning in caterpillars when they consume foliage treated with this insecticide.

Caterpillars can pester many different plants, but they are particularly frustrating when they get into boxwood which they often do. Luckily, even one application of this insecticide will be enough to save your cherished Buxus hedge or topiary from further caterpillar damage. 

TOPBUXUS XenTari is an easy to use product against Box Blight It's 100% safe for humans, animals & insects such as bees  & other pollinators. It can also be used preventively.

How to Use TopBuxus XenTari:
Mix 1 gram of TopBuxus XenTari with one 1 litre of water for every 10 square metres of hedge or plant surface. Spray both the upper and under side of the foliage thoroughly for best results. Once the treated leaves are consumed by a caterpillar, it will stop its feeding within the hour. The larvae die in the next 1 to 3 days, but the damage to the foliage is stopped almost instantly.

While extremely effective in the extermination of caterpillars, TopBuxus XenTari is completely safe for humans, wildlife and the environment, including other insects from pollinators to other parasites.

This package includes 5 x  sachets containing 3grams each of the insecticide, which is enough to cover 150 square meters of plant surface. TopBuxus XenTari can be used alongside TopBuxus Health Mix. See also TopBuxus Grow and TopBuxus Carpet to help prevent and recover from Box Blight. 

Follow instructions on the packaging.

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