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Garden Landscaping Products

If you are on a mission to create a stunning garden, you will need all the help you can get, starting with high-quality garden landscaping products. The thing to start with, of course, is the very foundation of a good garden - good quality soil. Sometimes, enriching the soil with conditioners can do the trick, but for potted plants or plants in the garden that require that extra boost while they are still young and not established, compost is the way to go. The selection of Compost for plants we offer includes both multi-purpose enriched compost as well as nutrient-specific options for different plants.

And once your new plants are happily planted in good soil, you should ensure that their growth is supported and directed if you want to create a landscape that suits your needs and preferences. In the case of newly-planted young trees, Tree Stakes and Ties are a necessity, both for their security (to keep them firmly grounded) and to make sure that they grow in the direction you want them to. The same goes for bamboo plants.

Many gardeners opt for fast-growing bamboo to create privacy screens and barriers in their garden, and the Bamboo Control System is the thing that helps direct and control the growth of these plants to your liking.

Compost Tree Stakes & Ties
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Bamboo Barrier Control System, Buy online Paramount Plants Bamboo Barrier
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Gardman Framed Willow Trellis Gardman Framed Willow Trellis
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Gardman Framed Willow Trellis Curved Top Gardman Framed Willow Trellis Curved Top
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Gardman Heavy Duty Willow Trellis Panel Gardman Heavy Duty Willow Trellis Panel - 3 sizes

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