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Tree Ties & Stakes

Essential Support for Saplings

Project your young trees and encourage the correct growth habit by using a combination of wooden tree stakes and flexible protective plastic tree ties and tying tubes that won’t damage the bark.

With the right supplies and proper techniques, your newly planted tree will thrive in its new setting, and more importantly, grow in the way you want it to. If you do not provide adequate support to a young tree or sapling, they will spread and grow in directions you might not like or, even worse, break or get its roots loosened by harsh winds. Both for the tree’s protection and to encourage the correct growth habit, tree staking is an important aid to young saplings.

Tree staking is done with wooden stakes that are installed at the same time when you plant your tree. You tie the sapling to the stake with flexible protective plastic tree ties and tying tubes that are designed specifically for that purpose. They will not damage the bark and allow your tree to grow but at the same time keep it safely tethered and restrained.

The process of staking protects young trees from damage and ensures the correct growth habit.

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Flexible Tree Ties, for staking young and newly planted trees. Buy UK Flexible Tree Ties
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PVC tying tube - for tying up young trees and staking shrubs and plants, very handy and will not damage the plant stem or trunk. Tree Ties - Flexible Tying Tube
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Good quality tree stakes - use to protect your newly planted trees from damaging winds and weather. Wooden Tree Stakes

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