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Acer Palmatum Orido Nishiki

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Acer Palmatum Orido Nishiki to Buy UK.
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Height Excluding Pot: 60-80cm (1ft 11-2ft 7)

Pot size: 5 Litres

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Acer Palmatum Orido Nishiki - Japanese Maple Orido Nishiki
Acer Palmatum Orido Nishiki a reasonably fast growing acer and one of the best performing varieties in the Palmatum group in terms of the diversity of its leaf variegation. It is also referred to as Oridomo Nishiki, which is probably the more correct spelling, although the discussion continues. There is some speculation that Orido Nishiki and Oridomo Nishiki are two different cultivars but this is unlikely. The name Orido Nishiki means multi-coloured tapestry of the master and the variety was introduced from Japan many centuries ago.

An intensely variegated maple, Japanese Maple Orido Nishiki has very unusual vibrant pink, white and cream variegated leaves in spring. The variegation can include any combination of these hues, some leaves completely pink or white and sometimes even a green streak appears. Strongly variegated leaves tend to curl at the edges. As summer advances a rich shiny green becomes ever more pronounced through the variegation among the pinks and whites that then turn a mixture of pink and lush green with some white. Acer Palmatum Orido Nishiki Autumn Colour is no less striking with fiery hues of yellow and gold.

Height and Spread of Acer Palmatum Orido Nishiki
Acer Palmatum Orido Nishiki will not get overly large, reaching a maximum height of 5 to 6 metres. They will quite happily grow in containers. We supply Japanese Maple Orido Nishiki as 7-10 year old trees in 20L pots. 

How Hardy is Acer Palmatum Orido Nishiki
Fully hardy throughout the United Kingdom, this colourful maple variety is quite resilient when its needs are met through optimal growing conditions.

How To Use Acer Palmatum Orido Nishiki
There is a good reason why Japanese Acers are in such high demand: they are easy to grow and to care for and yet their striking looks bring plenty of interest to any garden. From its vibrant pink leaves that unfurl in the spring, to the breathtaking display of fiery foliage in autumn, Orido Nishiki maple will steal the attention in the garden for the better part of the year. As a result, it makes a perfect specimen plant, or addition to evergreen mixed shrub borders, where its colourful appearance would contrast the deep greens of the shrubs.

How To Care For Acer Palmatum Orido Nishiki
Japanese Acers are deciduous trees and they grow well in moist shadier conditions and will tolerate acidic soil. Acer Palmatum Orido Nishiki is no different: it will do best in well-drained, humus-rich soil, in a sheltered spot in partial or dappled shade. Avoid exposed sites as harsh winds could lead to leaf scorch.

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