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Acer Palmatum Japonicum Vitifolium

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Acer Palmatum Japonica Vitifolium, Japanese Acers UK Palmate leaves of the Japanese Downy Maple Tree for sale UK Acer Vitifolium Trees, UK
Acer Japonicum Vitifolium, Acers for sale UK
Acer Japonica Vitifolium Trees UK delivery
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Acer Japonicum Vitifolium or Downy Japanese Maple
Acer Japonicum Vitifolium (sometimes referred to as Acer palmatum Vitifolium) is known for its sizable foliage, vigorous growth and superb autumn colour.

Acer Japonicum Vitifolium is an upright, deciduous wide-spreading and bushy Japanese Acer has interesting deeply-lobed foliage which changes to orange-gold, purples and crimson in autumn. Acer Vitifolium has particularly large foliage similar to that of a grape vine. Hence its name - Vitis being the Latin name for the grape genus. The leaves are a rich deep green to start and can be up to 12 cm long and 16 cm wide. The leaves are deeply lobed with attractive toothed margins. Red flowers appear beneath the branches as the new foliage appears in Spring.  Autumn foliage colour is superb with a kaleidoscope of golden to crimson to vivid scarlet before the leaves finally drop.

Height and Spread of Acer Japonicum Vitifolium:
As Japanese acers go, Acer Vitifolium this is a large tree which can reach 10 metres tall and wide over time. Its initial vigorous yet upright habit becomes more rounded as the tree ages.  

How Hardy is Acer Japonicum Vitifolium:
This Downy Japanese Maple variety is hardy down to sub-zero temperatures throughout the UK. 

How To Use Acer Japonicum Vitifolium:
Acer Vitifolium is a particularly lovely variety and makes an ideal specimen tree for a mid to large size garden. 

How To Care For Japonicum Vitifolium:
Ideally, grow this Downy Japanese Maple in a moist well-drained soil. Vitifolium prefers partial shade and this aspect also encourages the best leaf colour. However it will tolerate full sun. A sheltered positon is better than an overly exposed site. Make sure this Japanese Maple variety has plenty of water during the growing season for the first 3 to 4 years until well established. 

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Acer Japonicum Vitifolium, Autumn Foliage, Acers UK
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