Acer Bloodgood in stock in sizes up to 3M.

We have Acer Palmatum Bloodgood in several sizes up to 3M.

It’s that time of the year once again when Acers (Japanese Maples) come into their own. After our long harsh winter, the latest flurry of warm air and double digit temperatures have transformed our Acers, coaxing out the new leaves, so that they are now bursting with magical colour.

The Acer Palmatum (Japanese Maple) family are deciduous trees that tend to be smaller in size than your average tree. Acers often take on a dome like shape once fully grown. The word Palmatum comes from the hand-shaped form of the leaves. Acers are well suited to borders and / or paths due to the compact , non-invasive roots and many Acers tolerate shade.

We offer a wide range of Acer trees here at Paramount Plants. One of our favourites is the Acer Palmatum Bloodgood, a perfect choice for residential gardens due to its compact size. Acer Palmatum “Bloodgood” has hand-shaped red / purple leaves in Spring, taking on a lovely deep burgundy in hue in Summer and finally a fiery red in the Autumn. Plant ideally in a semi-shady spot in fertile, well drained soil.

We have Acer Bloodgood in stock in several sizes. 1.5 metre Bloodgoods start at £75. If you are looking for a more mature specimen, we have 20 year old Acer Bloodgoods in heights of up to 2.5 metres for £195. Sizes of 3 metres are also in stock.

Japanese Acers in Situ

Acers in Situ

Other Acer varieties include Acer Sango Kaku, a very attractive ornamental tree with coral red stems in winter  and the Acer Palmatum Dissectum Garnet, generally one of the most popular Acers, currently on special offer for the 1 metre height size.

Acer Dissectum Garnet

1 M high Acer Palmatum Dissectum Garnet, currently on offer

Our Acers are available to buy in our garden centre in Crews Hill or you can buy online. We deliver nationwide. More on our Japanese Acers.

Acer Sango Kaku

Acer Sango Kaku, a very attractive ornamental tree with coral red stems