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Acer Palmatum Pixie Japanese Maple

Acer Palmatum Pixie Japanese Maple
Acer Palmatum Pixie Japanese Maple
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Height Excluding Pot: 1.75-2m (5ft 8-6ft 6)

Plant shape: Multi-stemmed

Pot size: 65 Litres

Plant ID: 10256 80

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Acer Palmatum Pixie Japanese Maple
Acer Palmatum Pixie is a deciduous dwarf Japanese Acer with blood-red leaves. It’s perfect for compact gardens in need of a colour boost.  This little Japanese Maple is the dwarf version of the well-known bright red Acer palmatum bloodgood, but as it is compact it will only reach 1/3 of its size and doesn’t outgrow it’s welcome. It was discovered as a witches broom and so similar to Acer Bloodgood in all but size.

This particularly bright and attractive small acer sprouts bright red lobed foliage in spring which gradually deepens to a richer red in summer before maturing into strong scarlet red for autumn. Small inconspicuous green flowers arrive in spring that gradually mature into winged red fruits known as samaras. Acer Palmatun Pixie’s trunk is almost black with stripes appearing as it slowly matures.

This is a great little acer for compact gardens with striking red colours and interesting textures.

Height and Spread of Acer Palmatum Pixie
Acer Palmatum Pixie grows upright but gets no taller than around 2.5 metres and 1 metre wide. Its better known as Dwarf Japanese Maple or Pixie Japanese Maple due to its compact nature.

How Hardy Is Acer Palmatum Pixie
Dwarf Japanese Maple Pixie is hardy down to sub-zero temperatures but it does need shelter from strong, cold winds which can cause leaf scorch.

Once established it is drought and heat tolerant and relatively pest-free.

How To Use Acer Palmatum Pixie
Pixie Japanese Maple is the perfect specimen tree for a compact urban garden that needs a boost of rich colour. A row along the fence line blocks out neighbours in the summer months without shading out the whole garden. In larger spaces Dwarf Japanese Maple makes an unusual lining for a footpath or a colourful way to mark out a seating area.

This small acer will grow well in a container as long as it is well watered and fed regularly. When it’s grown in a pot, Dwarf Japanese Maple will stay smaller than garden planted specimens.

How To Care For Acer Palmatum Pixie
Acer Palmatum Pixie needs well-drained moist soil in a sheltered position that’s protected from the prevailing wind to really thrive.
It can handle the heat, unlike other more delicate acers, and full afternoon sun brings out the redness of its foliage, however strong early morning sunshine may scorch its leaves.

Acers tend to prefer neutral to acid soils and struggle in chalky areas. If your garden is chalky consider growing Japanese Maple Pixie in a container with ericaceous soil.

This compact maple tree doesn’t need any pruning as it naturally holds a well-formed shape but you can cut back any unruly branches in winter. 

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