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Betula Ermanii Holland Erman's Birch

Betula Ermanii Holland or Erman’s Birch Holland
Betula Ermanii Holland or Erman’s Birch Holland showing early autumn foliage
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Height Excluding Pot: 2-2.5m (6ft 6-8ft 2)

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Trunk girth: 8-10 cm

Rootball - supplied without a pot

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Betula Ermanii Holland or Erman’s Birch Holland
Betula Ermanii Holland is a cultivar of the Erman Birches which are graceful, mid-sized trees with plenty of character. The 'Holland' cultivar is an elegant, deciduous tree with an egg-shaped crown that begins life with a narrow point, but then bushes out into an ovoid crown as it matures. Its maximum height is approximately 20 metres, with a narrow width of only a few metres across.  

In spring Erman’s Birch Holland sprouts interesting ovate, veined leaves with double-serrated edging. These leaves appear particularly early in the spring emerging a yellowy-green shade and then maturing into a bright, fresh green. Alongside its cheerful serrated foliage, upright thick catkins appear early in the season. In fact, everything is early about Erman’s Birch Holland - it is one of the first to shed its foliage too, but before it does so the leaves turn a vivid bright yellow. When the yellow leaves fall it reveals a silvery-yellow trunk with peeling bark that glows in the early autumn sun and stands out in an empty winter garden.

How Hardy Is Betula Ermanii Holland
This is a tough and hardy cultivar of birch that can withstand subzero temperatures throughout the UK.

How To Use Betula Ermanii Holland
Erman’s Birch Holland is a highly tactile tree with a smooth glowing trunk complete with peeling feathery paper-bark. It makes a beautiful specimen tree for the lawn, particularly during its early autumn yellow phase, and during winter months when its luminescent bark glows in the gloom. This is a fairly large tree, so it needs room to grow, but it looks stunning in a wide border under-planted with spring bulbs and ferns that take advantage of its summer shade.

How To Care For Betula Ermanii Holland
The Betula Ermanii Holland cultivar is a tidy tree that grows into a well-shaped oval crown requiring little intervention, but you can remove crossed or broken branches during the dormant winter months. Apply a thick layer of mulch in spring, and follow this with thorough watering during dry spells until the tree is well established. Younger specimens benefit from a sunny location, but they will tolerate partial shade too. Moist, well-drained soil is preferred, but it is hardy and will grow in most situations.

Betula Ermanii Holland is a consistent performer with plenty of style and winter interest. If you have a mid-sized garden and love tactile trees, this a top pick. Its year round elegance and good-natured growth habit makes it perfect for spaces that need height and shape without excessive width. This is quite simply a beautiful, stylish elegant tree.

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