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Cotinus Coggygria Young Lady

Unusual variety of Cotinus Coggyria - Young Lady with variegated leaves and yellow flowers, good stocks for sale online with UK delivery.
Cotinus Coggyria - Young Lady
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Height Excluding Pot: 1-1.25m (3ft 3-4ft 1)

Pot size: 20 Litres

Plant ID: 3318 2

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Cotinus Coggygria Young Lady, the Young Lady Smoke Bush or Cotinus Young Lady, is a prolifically blooming variety of smoke bush which will enliven your landscape all summer long! This RHS Award of Garden Merit winner is perfect for gardens all across the UK.

A deciduous dwarf cultivar recently developed in Holland by Hendrik Kolster, Cotinus Coggygria Young Lady packs a big punch in a small package! The rounded bright green leaves emerge in spring, along with 20 cm long erect panicles of small yellow flowers, which are notable once the flowers are spent and the long, billowing hairs develop on the flower stalks. Young Lady Smoke Bush is especially noted for the quantity of blooms produced; these cover the plant in a salmon-pink haze all summer long, set off by the emerald-green foliage beneath. The leaves then turn bright scarlet-orange in autumn, adding another season of garden beauty. 

Hardy throughout most of the UK, Young Lady Smoke Bush will grow to a mature height and spread of 1-1.5 metres in 5 to 10 years. Little or no pruning is required to maintain its small size and attractive natural form. Cotinus Coggygria Young Lady will do well in any well-drained soil in an exposed or sheltered position in full sun or partial shade. Once established it can tolerate drought. Highly tolerant of urban pollution, Young Lady Smoke Bush makes a great choice for small city spaces, and will also do well in coastal regions because of its tolerance for salt. Deer do not like it and will avoid it! It is mostly disease and pest free, making it an ideal low-maintenance shrub with a big impact. 

The small size and long season of interest of Young Lady Smoke Bush make it a good choice for small city gardens where every plant needs to work hard. It is an excellent candidate for balcony or roof terrace planting, where its haze of smokey pink blooms will delight all summer long and its autumn foliage show will brighten up the space. A specimen plant of Cotinus Coggygria Young Lady as a focal point in a small lawn or as part of a mixed border will be a landscape stand-out. On a larger property, Cotinus Young Lady planted as a hedge will add considerable interest.

The dwarf size of Cotinus Coggygria Young Lady makes this new Smoke Bush cultivar particularly useful. Able to be tucked into smaller spaces and with a magnificent summer blooming season, it will fit right into your garden plans!

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