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Cedrus Deodara Aurea - Golden Deodar

Cedrus Deodara Aurea
Cedrus Deodara Aurea
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Cedrus Deodara Aurea
The attractive Cedrus Deodara Aurea is an evergreen cedar with beautiful golden foliage. This conifer was discovered in 1866 and has been known as the Golden Himalayan Cedar or Golden Deodar for over a century.

Cedrus Deodara Aurea grows in a conical shape that’s broad and strong, but it doesn’t get as large as it’s green toned cousin Cedrus Deodara. The main reason people choose this variety is the strong colour that lasts all year round. It’s 4 cm needles sit on horizontal branches with a gently weeping tip, and the foliage is yellow-green with a blue-toned underside.

In spring the needles appear more muted as new foliage grows, but in winter they brighten to a strong golden yellow when not much else in the garden holds any colour. Some cones may form in autumn, but they are not as plentiful as on Cedrus Deodara.

Height and Spread of Cedrus Deodara Aurea
Cedrus Deodara Aurea is a fast-growing cedar that will reach a maximum size of four to six metres tall and two and a half metres wide over ten years.  

How Hardy is Cedrus Deodara Aurea
Although Golden Deodar is not as hardy as Cedrus Deodara, it will withstand UK winters down to sub-zero temperatures if planted in a sheltered spot free from frost pockets and water-logged ground. Like most cedars, Aurea is drought tolerant once established and has good disease resistance.

How To Use Cedrus Deodara Aurea
This is a favourite good-sized evergreen conifer that retains its character all year round, and its gloriously bright colours make cedrus deodara aurea an obvious choice for bare winter gardens.

The strong conical shape and gently weeping branches bring form and structure in the cold months and provide shelter for wildlife throughout the seasons. It’s stunning as a specimen tree or planted in a fence line row.

How To Care For Cedrus Deodara Aurea
Golden Deodar will grow in all types of soil and it needs little care once established. Newly planted specimens need regular watering, but once they are growing well you can leave them to their own devices.
No pruning is required but trimming the branches lightly each year will manage the height and spread if you need to keep the size down.  
A good thick layer of mulch in spring will suppress surrounding weeds and retain moisture around the roots. This leads to healthy growth and bright colours over the coming season.

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