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Cherry Laurel Boxhead Trees

boxhead cherry laurels
Boxhead Cherry Laurel
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Height Excluding Pot: 2.25m (7ft 4)

Plant shape: 75 cm Cube

Trunk height: 1.5 m

Trunk girth: 8-10 cm

Rootball - supplied without a pot

Plant ID: 8402 42

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Cherry Laurel Boxhead Trees
Boxhead-Shaped Cherry Laurel Trees mark a new addition to our sculpted clear stem tree collection which includes Full Standard Shaped Trees and Pleached Trees.

Cherry Laurel Boxhead Trees have a long straight bare trunk with a canopy of evergreen foliage on top carefully trained to form a cubed square around a bamboo frame. Boxhead Cherry Laurel trees are not dissimilar to out Pleached Cherry Laurel trees and / or our Parasol or roof form trees. However so-called Boxhead Trees have a square canopy whereas pleached trees have a more flat or lateral canopy. Hence the name – Boxhead Trees.

Characteristics of the Cherry Laurel Plant:
Cherry Laurel in all its forms remains one of our most popular plants. The Botanical Name is Prunus Laurocerasus and it is also known as the Common Laurel. It is a fast-growing wide spreading evergreen that can be grown as a shrub or as a tree. Left to its own devices, it can attain heights of 6 metres or more.
Cherry Laurel has large leathery leaves up to 15 cm long with a lovely dark green gloss. If unpruned, it produces erect racemes of small white flowers followed by berries that emerge red and ripen to black. The berries resemble cherries and the leaves resemble the bay laurel (Laurel Nobilis) hence the name Cherry Laurel. Cherry Laurel is known for its tolerance of shady conditions and most often used for evergreen screening as it makes a superb hedge.

How Hardy Is Cherry Laurel:
Cherry Laurel is hardy to -15 degrees, so will thrive in most places throughout the UK even in sever winters.

How To Care For Cherry Laurel Boxhead Trees:
Once established, these Cherry Laurel Boxhead trees will be self-sufficient. However, newly planted specimens will need plenty of water until they have put down strong roots and thoroughly settled in. Cherry Laurels are fast growing and the canopy should fill out fairly quickly. Any soil suits this tough and versatile evergreen although it performs below par on shallow from chalky soil conditions. Treat plants to a yearly application of thick organic mulch to boost health.
In terms of aspect, Cherry Laurel is happy in sun or shade. Prune the crown once or twice per year to keep in shape, ideally in spring.  

How To Use Cherry Laurel Boxhead Trees
Given their very distinctive appearance especially as the canopy matures and thickens, Boxhead Trees can be used to great effect to punctuate the landscape by lining avenues and walkways. They can also be used for above the wall or fence line interest in smaller gardens. Cherry Laurel Boxhead Trees provide lateral architectural interest and height while taking up little lateral space. The same applies to pleached trees except the canopy is more vertical (flat) rather than cubed.

More Cherry Laurel:
For screening shrubs, see Cherry Laurel for Hedging in either root ball form or in containers.
In tree form, we have Cherry Laurel Standard Trees and Cherry Laurel Pleached Trees.

Boxhead Hornbeam Trees are also available in several heights. 

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