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Ceanothus Pallidus Marie Simon

Ceanothus Pallidus Marie Simon, a pretty pink flowering Ceanothus variety, an evergreen shrub for sale online, UK delivery.
Ceanothus Pallidus Marie Simon pink flowering
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Height Excluding Pot: 80-100cm (2ft 7-3ft 3)

Pot size: 20 Litres

Plant ID: 3205 2

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Ceanothus Pallidus Marie Simon, one of the few pink flowering varieties of Californian Lilac, is best known for its long flowering season and exceptional hardiness. Compact in size and fairly undemanding, this striking shrub is a great choice for mixed shrub borders, flower beds and small gardens. From summer through to autumn, this rounded shrub is covered with fluffy clusters of pale pink blossoms borne on scarlet red stems. The flowers are followed by highly decorative red seed capsules, which offer interest as the season ends. Even though the mid-green, deciduous foliage (unusual for Ceanothus cultivars) drops as the winter approaches, the bare, reddish stems will look highly decorative in the winter landscape.

Thriving in any well-drained soil and full sun, Ceanothus Pallidus Marie Simon is quite easy to grow and care for. Unlike most Californian Lilac varieties, this cultivar does not mind heavy watering, as long as proper drainage is provided. Tough and robust, Ceanothus Marie Simon is deer resistant and drought tolerant.

The bushy, rounded habit of Californian Lilac Marie Simon does not require extensive maintenance to stay in shape. Routine removal of any dead, damaged or unwanted shoots will keep this flowering shrub at its best. To encourage its bushy shape, you can cut back the stems during the plant’s dormant season, as this cultivar reacts well to hard pruning.

Even though this USA native is fully hardy in the United Kingdom, it will appreciate a sheltered position, away from cold winds. Ceanothus Marie Simon will survive in areas where temperatures drop to 20 degrees below zero, without suffering dieback or any other damage from frost. Although vigorous and fast growing, Californian Lilac Marie Simon stays compacts as it matures. Both the ultimate height and width of this shrub are circa 1.50 metres.

Versatile and attractive, Ceanothus pallidus Marie Simon lends itself well to different types of gardens. Its prolific display of light pink blossom clusters adds a splash of colour during the summer and autumn and attracts beneficial pollinators. The rounded shape of the shrub and its petite size make it suitable for planting in mixed shrub borders, whether as a background plant or a front-row specimen.

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