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Dwarf Rhododendron Shamrock

 Dwarf Rhododendron Shamrock
Dwarf Rhododendron Shamrock
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AGM plants have been through a rigorous trial and assessment programme by the RHS and are deemed:
                 Excellent for ordinary use in appropriate conditions/Available to buy/Of good constitution/Essentially stable in form & colour/Reasonably resistant to pests & diseases

Dwarf Rhododendron Shamrock
A dwarf variety, Rhododendron Shamrock belongs to the lepidote hybrids, a group of rhododendrons best known for their scaly leaves. These tiny scales are barely perceptible, but make the species distinct, as well as the fact that most lepidote hybrids are compact as the group includes only dwarf and alpine varieties. Dwarf Shamrock Rhododendron is a low-growing rhododendron hybrid, distinct for its profuse flowering. Aln American hybrid, Shamrock traces its origin to Lapponica species which are alpine plants that naturally occur at high altitudes. As a result, this is a tough and resilient variety: Rhododendron Shamrock holds the coveted Award of Garden Merit (AGM) by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Dwarf Shamrock Rhododendron is an early-flowering cultivar that produces unique yellowish flowers early in April. The blossoms are a yellowish green colour with strong yellow-green freckles fading to light yellow and are borne in trusses of up to 9. The yellow hues are further enhanced by the dark green colour of the evergreen foliage.

Height and Spread of Rhododendron Shamrock
A dwarf variety with a dense mounding habit, this rhododendron hybrid will grow to be between 50 centimetres and 1 metre tall.

How Hardy is Rhododendron Shamrock?
Despite its size, Dwarf Shamrock Rhododendron is a tough little plant: it will adapt to harsh environments and will be hardy in all but the coldest parts of the United Kingdom. Still, it will benefit from a sheltered position in the garden. Be particularly careful with early frosts as they can be damaging to the flowers.

How To Use Rhododendron Shamrock
Small yet eye-catching, Dwarf Shamrock Rhododendron is an excellent choice for growing in containers, small gardens, rock gardens, as well as beds and borders. Grow on its own or in mass plantings. Either way, its attractive mounding habit, and pretty flowers will find a way to stand out. When grown in containers, Dwarf Shamrock Rhododendron can be used to add interest to patios, terraces, and rooftop gardens.

How To Care For Rhododendron Shamrock
An alpine variety in its origins, Dwarf Shamrock Rhododendron is an adaptable plant. It will thrive in full sun to partial shade and requires acidic soil for best results.

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