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Grevillea Juniperina

Grevillea Juniperina (Prickly Spider Flower), evergreen shrub with exotic red flowers in summer
Grevillea Juniperina (Prickly Spider Flower), evergreen shrub with exotic red flowers in summer
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Height Excluding Pot: 60-80cm (1ft 11-2ft 7)

Pot size: 18 Litres

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Grevillea Juniperina (Prickly Spider Flower)
Native to Australia, evergreen, prickly leave Grevillea Juniperina (or Prickly Spider Flower) looks rather like a Juniper when it’s not in flower. Its foliage is bright green and the leaves long, thin and needle-like, hence its prickly nickname. In summer, Grevillea Juniperina shows its exotic side as vibrant red flowers appear in the form of 6 cm long racemes (clusters of flowers along short stalks along a central stem) that drape prettily over the green foliage. In warm summers, it can bloom again in the autumn. 
Although the Grevillea family may not be the best known of flowering shrubs among British gardeners, they have long been grown here in the UK and Grevillea are hardier than some might think and should do particularly well for urban and / or coastal gardeners. Grevillea Juniperina is widely recognised as one of the more hardy varieties. These plants are tough, fast growing and require little maintenance. They reward with achingly exotic flowers which are adored by pollinators.
Plant in a nice, sunny position. Grevillea Juniperina will do best in protected coastal and urban areas. While they are frost hardy, they will require protection from harsh northerly winds and exposed northern areas. Grevilleas prefer the soil to be slightly acidic.
In terms of growing habit, Grevillea Juniperina forms a naturally dense and rounded shape and will eventually reach 2 metres tall by 1 metre wide.
Common names include Prickly Spider Flower and Juniper Grevillea.

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