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Ilex Aquifolium Pleached Holly Trees

Ilex Aquifolium Pleached Holly Trees for Sale Online UK
Ilex Aquifolium Pleached Holly Trees
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Height Excluding Pot: 3.2m (10ft 5)

Plant shape: Frame 1.5 m High x 1.5 m Wide

Trunk height: 1.7 m

Trunk girth: 14-16 cm

Rootball - supplied without a pot

Plant ID: 8510 80

Was £325.00
25% Off - Now £243.75

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Ilex Aquifolium Pleached Holly Tree
The pleached form of Ilex Aquifolium is ideally suited for above fence screening as it is easy to maintain in good shape and its evergreern foliage offers year-round privacy. Pleached Holly Trees retain all of the qualities of the shrub form cultivar but the way they were trained makes them a popular choice for evergreen screening purposes. Ilex Aquifolium Pleached boasts leathery sharp-tipped leaves that keep their rich green color throughout all the seasons and create a dense screen when properly shaped. Pleached Holly Trees produce masses of small white flowers in the spring, followed by scarlet berries on the pollinated female specimens. The striking berries are both ornamental and loved by birds.

Height and Spread of Ilex Aquifolium Pleached
Even when not pleached, this evergreen shrub does not grow too big. Slow growing, Ilex Aquifolium Pleached will be easy to keep in check. Prune once per year. 

How Hardy is Ilex Aquifolium Pleached
A European native, Ilex Aquifolium is fully hardy throughout the United Kingdom and will survive and thrive even in areas where temperatures drop to 20 degrees below zero.

How To Use Ilex Aquifolium Pleached
Pleached Holly Trees have clear stems above head height and their evergreen foliage shaped into a square-shaped crown. As a result, the most common use for Ilex Aquifolium Pleached form is stilted hedging or above fence screening. Plant en masse to ensure privacy on your property, or use Pleached Holly Trees to section off areas of your garden, or frame pathways. As this evergreen cultivar is easy to care for and keep tidy without requiring much effort, it is an ideal candidate if you are looking for low-maintenance evergreen screening.

How To Care For Ilex Aquifolium Pleached
Easy to grow and care for, Ilex Aquifolium Pleached comes already trained and shaped into its distinct clear stem form. To make sure your newly planted trees thrive, grow them in moist but well-drained soil that has a neutral to slightly acidic pH. Pleached Holly Trees will tolerate partial shade but you’ll get the best results if you pick a location in full sun.

We also sell Ilex Aquifolium in shrub form. For more above fence screening solutions, take a look at our selection of pleached trees.

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