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Peckish Antique Finish Bird Seed Feeder

PK SG Seed Feeder

Bird Feeder
Bird Feeder
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Product Type: PK SG Seed Feeder

Plant ID: 13152 C 45

Price: £10.99

Peckish Antique Finish Bird Seed Feeder 60051219
Peckish Seed Feeder is a sturdy antique finish bird feeder with an easy-fill lid and mess-catching tray to deter pigeons. This well-made unobtrusive bird seed feeder blends into the garden with its antique finish leaf design. Its practical metal construction deters squirrel damage and ensures it’s long-lasting despite bad weather.

Simply remove the lid to fill it with bird seed and hang it from the built-it loop two metres from safe cover such as trees and shrubs. Ensuring food is ready in the early morning helps birds replenish the energy they lost overnight and encourages a steady stream of songbirds to your garden.

Lots more outdoor garden leisure accessories on the website. 

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