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Philadelphus Coronarius Aureus

Philadelphus Coronarius Aureus. Mock Orange Aureus shrub for sale online with UK and Ireland delivery.
Philadelphus Coronarius Aureus. Mock Orange Aureus
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Height Excluding Pot: 80-100cm (2ft 7-3ft 3)

Plant shape: Bush

Pot size: 20 Litres

Plant ID: 6402 2

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Mock Orange Aureus is one of the more popular deciduous flowering shrubs. It will brighten up your mixed beds, and adds an interesting accent to borders. Bright yellow leaves when young, the Philadelphus Coronarius Aureus will grow through the season into a golden green, chartreuse-type colour. This beautiful habit can really add a nice contrast to your mix. It makes for an interesting colour blend when planted next to other related, but darker varieties of Mock Orange as well! The Aureus variety expresses wonderfully fragrant and abundant summer flowers with a distinctive lemon-scent and a pure white colour in the spring. 
A member of the Hydrangeaceae Family, Philadelphus are a deciduous shrub by nature. Their growth habit includes simple leaves expressed in an opposite orientation. Their flowers are bowl shaped, which may express as solitary blooms or in smaller panicles during the summer. The Aureus variety is more upright, with a medium shrub habit of leaves that turn from bright yellow to darker green. Mock Orange Aureus produces a creamy white flower, about 2.5 cm wide. The Philadelphus Coronarius Aureus has its origins in Southeastern Europe and Asia Minor.
Site Preferences of Mock Orange Aureus include both Full Sun and Partial Shade, and tolerates a North, East, South, or West facing Aspect. It reaches an ultimate height of 1.5-2.5 metres and spreads to 1.0-1.5 metres. It typically takes between 5-10 years to reach ultimate growth. With adaptability to partial shade, Aureus is a good choice for a woodland setting. Mock Orange Aureus likes moist soil as long as it’s well drained. They do not like wet feet, but at the same time, they don’t care for excessively droughty sites so add some humus to raise organic matter in these sites. Philadelphus Coronarius Aureus prefers near neutral pH, so slightly acid, or slightly alkaline soils are fine. It is generally considered a low maintenance shrub. Suited to a wide range of climates, up to H-6 hardiness zone, and well suited to coastal locations, it is adaptable in a number of sites and locations.
Pruning is fairly simple, you should prune back the Mock Orange Aureus after flowering by cutting back the flowering shoots to its stronger buds.  As a rule, older plants can be pruned by removing one-third to one-fifth of the older growth all the way to the base to encourage the younger and maturing shoots to thrive.

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