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Photinia x Fraseri Louise 

Photinia Fraseri Louise, a new variegated variety with evergreen foliage in shades of blush pink, green, cream and pale pink.
Photinia Fraseri Louise, a new variegated variety with evergreen foliage in shades of blush pink, green, cream and pale pink.
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Height Excluding Pot:
80-100cm (2ft 7-3ft 3)

Plant shape: Bush
Pot size: 9 Litres
Plant ID: 4801 24
Price: £45.00
30% Discount £31.50

Photinia Fraseri Louise is a new variety of Photinia. These evergreens which we sell in tree or shrub form depending on how the plant has been grown and shaped are among the most attractive and versatile plants we have for sale and one of the most popular here at Paramount Plants. Photinia Louise shows promise to quickly become one of the more coveted cultivars, as its pink variegated foliage has a highly-decorative appearance.

Young growth is blush pink, maturing to a glossy deep green with a cream or hot pink margin over the summer. Throughout the year, the lance-shaped leaves retain their vibrant hues, adding a splash of colour to the garden even during the winter, when there is little of it to be found elsewhere. In spring, small cream flowers, borne in clusters, complement the variegated foliage and spread a pleasant fragrance through the garden.

Height and Spread of Photinia Fraseri Louise
After ten years, Photinia Louise can be up to 3 metres high and wide, but, ultimately, its size will depend on how it is shaped and trimmed.

How Hardy Is Photinia Fraseri Louise
Louise variety is fully hardy in the United Kingdom, even if the winters are particularly severe.

How To Use Photinia Fraseri Louise
A versatile plant with eye-catching features, Photinia Louise is a welcome addition to any garden, regardless of its style and size. The fusion of cream, red, and pink of the foliage is quite a show-stopping feature that makes this cultivar comfortable in the center of the attention, whether its grown in a large pot near a patio or on a balcony or in a mixed shrub border.

Because of its dense, evergreen foliage and ease of maintenance, Photinias are often the primary choice for hedging and evergreen screening. The Louise cultivar has upright, bushy branching habit and is ideally suited for hedges. As a bonus, the variegated foliage creates a lovely multi-coloured effect that looks wonderful in mass plantings.

How To Care For Photinia Fraseri Louise
Easy to grow and to care for, this new variety of Photinia needs very little to thrive. Plant it any well-drained, fertile soil, in an exposed or sheltered spot. This evergreen shrub tolerates partial shade, but it is recommended to grow it in full sun as it will encourage more vibrant colours. A low-maintenance plant, this cultivar needs no pruning to stay in form. However, like its close relatives, Photinia Louise responds well to pruning, and it can be trimmed and shaped to your desire.

Fabulous looks and ease of maintenance allow this Photinia variety to lend itself well to various uses in the garden. Whether grown on its own in the garden or in containers, planted en masse in a hedge, or as a part of a mixed shrub border, Photinia Louise will create a dramatic, impressive effect in the landscape.

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