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Pittosporum Tenuifolium

Pittosporum Tenuifolium evergreen shrubs for sale online with UK delivery
Pittosporum Tenuifolium evergreen
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Height Excluding Pot: 50-60cm (1ft 7-1ft 11)

Pot size: 5 Litres

Plant ID: 10439 1

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Height Excluding Pot: 60-70cm (1ft 11-2ft 3)

Plant shape: Bush

Pot size: 10 Litres

Plant ID: 6902 64

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20% Off - Now £72.00

Pittosporum Tenuifolium, also known as New Zealand Pittosporum, are hard-working evergreen shrubs that provide attractive architectural shapes in the garden. New Zealand Pittosporum are generally grown for their evergreen small-leaf foliage and compact shape or growth habit.  Bearing leathery often glossy foliage, a New Zealand Pittosporum shrub provides firm structural background to a flower garden or creates a simple pleasing screen.
Columnar in shape, Pittosporum Tenuifolium boasts shining green leaves with wavy margins and small, dark purple clusters of honey-scented flowers in late spring. These understated yet attractive flowers attract many pollinators. Following its flowers rounded fruits appear which are appreciated by birds. 
New Zealand Pittosporum will grow to a maximum of four to eight metres in height and spread over two to four metres. It will take approximately ten to twenty years to reach maximum heights.

Pittosporum Tenuifolium Hardiness Levels
Pittosporum Tenuifolium is hardy in most areas of the UK but will struggle in colder areas that regularly freeze. It’s easy to grow in moist but well-drained soil. 

How To Use Pittosporum Tenuifolium
New Zealand Pittosporum are evergreen and their main function is to provide year-round foliage interest and structure to a single-height garden, but this is not the only way to use them because New Zealand Pittosporum are attractive plants in their own right. They make excellent stand alone shrubs as they are easily grown in containers and pruned into shapes. 
When grown closely together Pittosporum Tenuifolium make an unusual hedge and can be considered in place of yew
Pittosporum Tenuifolium look their best in full sun but are scented at night. Try planting them near a seating area for round the clock interest. 

How to Care For Pittosporum Tenuifolium
Pittosporum Tenuifolium will grow in any soil that is well-drained but they will need protection from consistent sub-zero temperatures and freezing winds. Pittosporum Tenuifolium are hardy in most areas but won’t thrive in the very cold conditions of the UK’s far north. A temporary garden fleece will protect younger plants, but if it snows gently brush any accumulation from the leaves.
Prune your Pittosporum Tenuifolium by cutting out old wood and straggly stems in winter to maintain a good shape.  If you mulch shrubs yearly in the early springtime it helps to produce healthy, glossy foliage.

Pittosporum Tenuifolium is good choice for a low maintenance garden. It’s sturdy, reliable and provides food and shelter for wildlife. 

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