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Rosa Jasmina Korcentex Climbing Rose

Rosa Jasmina Korcentex Jasmina Climbing Rose
Jasmina Climbing Rose
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Plant shape: 3 Bamboo Canes

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Rosa Jasmina Korcentex or Jasmina Climbing Rose
This beautiful deciduous pink-flowering climbing rose was selected at the world-renowned German-based house of Kordes which has bred some of the most popular garden rose varieties.

Rosa Jasmina Korcentex produces large clusters of gorgeous, old-fashioned double pink blossoms that have a pleasant fruity perfume. While there are whiffs of apricot and pear in the fragrance, it is the sweet apple scent that dominates. A repeat flowerer, Jasmina Climbing Rose will reward you with a second flush of flowers, so you can count on the perfumed roses adorning your garden throughout summer and early autumn. The foliage, which is dark green and dense, provides a perfect backdrop for the profusion of blossoms.

Even though Rosa Jasmina Korcentex is a climbing rose variety, it boasts flexible shoots similar to a rambling rose. The combination of its many qualities, from hardiness to exceptional blossoms, won Jasmina Climbing Rose a gold medal in international competition.

Height and Spread of Rosa Jasmina Korcentex
Jasmina Climbing Rose grows vigorously when its needs are met, and it will achieve the expected height of 4 metres and a spread of up to 2 metres in just a few years.

How Hardy is Rosa Jasmina Korcentex
This gorgeous climbing rose Jasmina is fully hardy in the United Kingdom and will happily thrive in areas with average winters- it will need protection if the temperatures drop below -10 degrees Celsius.


How To Use Rosa Jasmina Korcentex
Since Rosa Jasmina Korcentex is a climbing rose, it looks best when grown against a structure. Choose a sunny side wall or a fence to grow this large-flowered pink rose, or train against a trellis. Either way, make sure you pick a prominent spot in your garden so that you can fully enjoy the intoxicating perfume and masses of double blossoms for weeks on end.

How To Care For Rosa Jasmina Korcentex
Jasmina Climbing Rose is an undemanding cultivar. It will grow best in moist but well-drained soil, ideally one in which no other roses were planted before. Choose a spot in full sun as this beauty is not a fan of shade and will not blossom as prolifically if there is not enough sunlight.

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