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Rhododendron Wine and Roses

Rhododendron Wine and Roses a compact variety, stunning leaves with red underside, profuse flowering pink and cream blooms, good for containers & small gardens buy UK.
Rhododendron Wine and Roses foliage
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Height Excluding Pot: 20-30cm (0ft 7-0ft 11)

Pot size: 4.5 Litres

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Rhododendron Wine and Roses is a stunning dwarf variety of Rhododendron which will easily fit into a small garden, and is also excellent for container growing. This hardy evergreen flowering shrub will provide both beautiful spring blooms and attractive year-round foliage!

Native to Asia, Rhododendrons have been popular garden plants in the UK since the late 1700’s. The Wine and Roses variety of Rhododendron belongs to the family of Forrestii Repens Hybrids bred for their dwarf low-growing forms. Rhododendron Wine and Roses was bred at Glendoick Nursery in Scotland by Ken Cox, and is notable for its intriguingly coloured foliage. New leaves are bronze-coloured when they first emerge, and then turn a glossy deep green with bright red-purple undersides. In April and May, masses of large rounded trusses of bright pink flowers almost hide the leaves, and then leave the handsome display of leaves for the rest of the year.

Hardy in most parts of the UK, Rhododendron Wine and Roses will slowly grow to a mature height and spread of just 1 metre in 10 to 20 years. It has a compact neat habit.  Prune immediately following flowering to remove spent blooms by cutting back to just above the dormant buds. Rhododendrons flower on the previous year’s growth, so do not prune any later in the season, or in winter or early spring.

Plant Rhododendron Wine and Roses ideally in partial shade. Afternoon shade is a good idea in a hot, sunny location. Like all Rhododendrons, this dwarf variety needs moist clay, loam or sand soil rich in humus with an acid pH. They are sensitive to salt so will need protection from sea winds in coastal regions, but they are very tolerant of pollution, so will do well in city gardens. They will need some protection from deer on country properties.

This dwarf Rhododendron variety is a perfect choice for container planting for a roof terrace, balcony, courtyard or patio. With Rhododendron Wine and Roses, not only do you get to enjoy the extravagant blossoms of the spring, but the attractive and uniquely coloured leaves will be ornamental throughout the year. Planted in a mixed border, the flowers and foliage will guarantee year-round interest! Like all Rhododendrons, Rhododendron Wine and Roses is perfectly suited to planting in a woodland garden, where its spring flowers will glow in the dappled shade under the trees, and the foliage will remain green all year.

Rhododendron Wine and Roses is the perfect dwarf variety for container planting or small gardens. Its brilliant spring blooms and handsome evergreen foliage will make it a garden favourite! Very free-flowering, it is one of the best dwarf hybrids with red leaf undersides.

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