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Solanum Jasminoides Bittersweet Jasmine

Profuse Flowering Climber

Solanum Jasminoides Bittersweet Jasmine Flowering Climber
Solanum Jasminoides
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Height Excluding Pot: 2-2.5m (6ft 6-8ft 2)

Pot size: 20 Litres

Plant ID: 12421 2

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Solanum Jasminoides Bittersweet Jasmine
Solanum Jasminoides Bittersweet Jasmine 2-2.5 m

This image displays plant 2-2.5 m tall.

Height Excluding Pot: 2-2.5m (6ft 6-8ft 2)

Pot size: 20 Litres

Plant ID: 12421 2

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Solanum Jasminoides is a semi-evergreen climbing vine with glossy leaves and profuse pale blue flowers in midsummer to autumn. It suits a sunny wall or fence line in urban or country-style gardens.

Solanum is a large genus of climbing plants that enjoy sheltered sunny spots. Solanum Jasminoides is native to Brazil where it grows in a variety of sunny spots including woodlands, scrublands and marshes living happily in poor soil. It’s a slender but extremely fast-growing semi-evergreen with delicate twining stems. Its leaves are glossy and thin and the summertime flowers are so profuse they cover the whole vine in loose clusters from midsummer until the frosts. Each flower is two centimetres in width and a beautiful shade of pale blue with contrasting yellow stamens. 

This is a good climbing vine for a sheltered sunny spot and excellent if you want to cover a wall quickly.

Height And Spread of Solanum Jasminoides
In warm areas of the UK and in full sun this fast-growing vine can reach 6-9 metres in height.

How Hardy Is Solanum Jasminoides
This is a hardy vine in the UK, but it does best in sheltered, warm positions in southern areas. In central to northern areas it will need a south-facing sheltered wall to flower well.

How To Use Solanum Jasminoides
Use this vine to quickly cover a wall, fence line or an ugly outbuilding. It also covers an arbor or a tall obelisk in a swathe of beautiful pale blue flowers.
Pollinators love the late blooming flowers and because it’s low maintenance it’s a great choice for busy gardeners or wildlife-friendly spaces.

How To Care For Solanum Jasminoides
Bittersweet Jasmine is easy to grow. It’s tolerant of most types of well-drained soil, but it does need a sunny sheltered spot to produce flowers. A south or west-facing wall is best.
Tie in shoots as they appear and cut back any excess. You don’t need to prune it, but you can manage its height and spread after the flowers have finished. Pruning back after flowering helps create a bushier vine. Give it a thick layer of mulch in early spring and plenty of water until it’s established.  

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