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Salix Purpurea Nana

Salix Purpurea Nana or Dwarf Purple Willow or Dwarf Artic Willow a deciduous dwarf shrub that thrives in most soils. Buy online UK delivery.
Salix Purpurea Nana or Dwarf Purple Willow or Dwarf Artic Willow
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Height Excluding Pot: 80-100cm (2ft 7-3ft 3)

Pot size: 20 Litres

Plant ID: 8793 2

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Salix Purpurea Nana also known as Dwarf Purple Willow or Dwarf Arctic Willow, is a deciduous compact shrub with a lovely low-growing and rounded shape. Salix Purpurea Nana is the dwarf version of full size Salix Purpurea. It has multi-stemmed whippy branches that are reddish-purple and vibrantly stand out after autumnal leaf fall. In early spring slender silver-toned catkins appear before the spectacular blue-green, almost grey foliage bursts through. Matt textured thin leaves quickly form a lovely rounded compact shrub that will reach no more than a metre and a half in height and spread. 

How Hardy Is Salix Purpurea Nana
Nana means dwarf, but this small willow is tough enough to withstand sub zero temperatures and is hardy in all the UK. It thrives in damp ground that most shrubs are not so tolerant of, and is hardy enough to withstand some salt conditions too, making a good choice for coastal locations. 

How Can I Use Salix Purpurea Nana
This Dwarf Arctic Willow is small enough to use in the flower border where it lends texture to flowers and its blue-green leaves stand out. This compact willow fills the space to the ground level so no under-planting is required.  Dwarf Purple Willow is easily pruned into shapes, but it can be left to grow in its natural compact habit. If you are interested in coppicing or weaving the reddish purple stems are very versatile in crafts.Planted as a specimen in the flower border, or in mass planting so it sways and moves in the breeze, Salix Purpurea Nana is a practical alternative to bamboo and the common willow varieties that grow to a large size. 

How To Care For Salix Purpurea Nana
This is a very easy plant to grow because it thrives in most soils, including poor soil, but it does tend to dislike very chalky conditions. Put plenty of compost in the planting hole to counteract chalk if you have this type of soil. A moist soil in full sun is its preference, but Dwarf Arctic Willow will tolerate partial shade too. Pruning is not necessary, but if you want to reduce its size and height cut back by a third in late winter. 

Gardeners can be wary of common willow, but this compact variety has all of its benefits and none of the drawbacks. Its beautiful winter stems and lush green growth brings year round colour and texture to all gardens.  

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