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Taxus x Media Groenland Yew Hedging

Taxus Media Groenland Yew, evergreen yew with an upright, bushy habit & conifer–like soft green needles, perfect for hedging and privacy screening.
Taxus Media Groenland Yew, evergreen yew with conifer–like soft green needles
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Height Excluding Pot: 40-45cm (1ft 3-1ft 5)

Pot size: 20 Litres

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Taxus Media Groenland Yew for Hedging
A member of the yew family, Taxus Media Groenland (Taxus Media Greenland) or Yew Groenland, as it is more commonly known, is ideally suited for hedging. This bushy evergreen boasts conifer-like soft green needles that retain their colour throughout the seasons and has an upright bushy growth habit. As it is usually the case with all yew cultivars, Taxus Media Greenland is slow-growing, so if you are to use it for hedging, we recommend buying the largest specimens your budget will allow.

The stiff, upright shoots bear glossy green foliage. The needle-like leaves are borne in ascending sprays and create a thick wall of green that stays completely unchanged year-round, both in density and colour.

Height and Spread of Taxus Media Groenland
With a slow growth rate, Yew Groenland can achieve a maximum height of 2 metres with a 1.5 spread.

How Hardy Is Taxus Media Groenland
One of the most noted qualities of this particular variety is its exceptional hardiness. Taxus Media Greenland is much more resistant than its close relatives, and fully hardy in the United Kingdom.

How To Use Taxus Media Groenland
Because of its dense, abundant foliage, and due to the fact it responds well to trimming and shaping, this beautiful evergreen is most often used for hedging and screening. Plant it en masse for appeal that lasts throughout the year and offers unchanging fresh green foliage, even in seasons where there is little color to be seen. 

Although primarily grown as a hedge, Yew Groenland can be an attractive stand-alone plant, as well. Grow this highly-decorative in large pots as front door plants, or on roof gardens and balconies.

How To Care For Taxus Media Groenland
Yew Groenland can be planted in full sun to partial shade, in an exposed or sheltered location. As long as you grow it in well-drained, fertile soil, this bushy evergreen will thrive. Tolerates chalk.
When it comes to keeping a tidy form, slow growth rate makes Taxus Media Greenland thoroughly undemanding. An annual trim will suffice, either in summer or autumn, just to ensure that the preferred shape is maintained.

A perfect candidate for hedging, this yew variety will add structural and architectural value to any landscape. Whether grown on its own, alongside other evergreens or planted en masse, Groenland cultivar is bound to enrich your garden. Make sure to take a look at other yew cultivars we offer such as Yew Hedging Rootballs or Yew Hedging Potted as well as shaped yew such as Taxus Baccata Topiary, unique Yew cloud trees, or Yew half standard trees.

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