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Tamarix Ramosissima Pink Cascade

Tamarix Ramosissima Pink Cascade produce pretty plumes of pink flowers with elegant feathery foliage - a lovely flowering shrub for sale online UK.
Tamarix Ramosissima Pink Cascade flowering
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Height Excluding Pot: 80-100cm (2ft 7-3ft 3)

Pot size: 10 Litres

Plant ID: 10386 64

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Tamarix ramosissima Pink Cascade grows as a small tree or large shrub generally to a height of 4.5 meters. Unlike many flowering shrubs, it grows well even when planted in coastal areas where it is exposed to constant salty sea spray. The Tamarisk Pink Cascade is a survivor and an asset to any garden if you are seeking an unusual flowering shrub

The foliage of Tamarix Pink Cascade is juniper-like. The woody stems are adorned with whorls of dense, stiff greyish-green needles. In the spring months, when the needles first emerge on the stems, they appear a soft greenish-yellow hue, but upon maturity, the needles stiffen and darken.

Starting in May, the ends of the Tamarisk Pink Cascade’s red branches become adorned with plumes of pink ostrich-featherlike flowers that persist until autumn. The flowers are extremely graceful and flutter freely in the wind. The unusual pink flower sprays creates a colourful splash in any garden setting and provide unique visual interest throughout the summer. In October and November, the needle like foliage starts to take on a subtle orange shading that creates a warm ambiance in the garden. The needles then fall from the branches as winter dormancy sets in.

If growing as a shrub, Tamarix ramosissima Pink Cascade can be cut back almost to ground level in winter. The severe pruning encourages it to produce abundant flower sprays the following season. It also keeps the plant from becoming too leggy.

Plant the Tamarisk Pink Cascade in full sun for best growth. It prefers well-draining soil that has a soil pH level that ranges from acidic to slightly alkaline. The hardy shrub grows best when the soil is kept evenly moist, but it is extremely hardy and can withstand periods of drought without suffering. For optimum flowering, plant Tamarix Pink Cascade in a sunny location. It will tolerate partial shade but truly thrives in full sun. During the spring months, give Tamarisk Pink Cascade a dose of general purpose fertilizer. Follow the directions on the fertilizer’s label for application ratios.

The Tamarix ramosissima Pink Cascade is deer and rabbit resistant so makes an excellent addition to any woodland or seaside garden. The Royal Horticultural Society bestowed the coveted Award of Garden Merit (AGM) on this lovely shrub for its outstanding garden performance. Read more about Tamarix on our blog. 

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