The gardens of Kerdalo, Brittany

Kerdalo Gardens, Trédarzec, Côtes D’Armor region of Brittany
Kerdalo Gardens, Trédarzec, Côtes D’Armor region of Brittany


It is surprising to think that the enchanting gardens of Kerdalo began life as recently as the 1960s. Russian Prince Peter Wolkonsky, whose family fled to France just before the 1917 revolution, had long sought a suitable site on which to create his dream garden. He was already in his sixties when he discovered the site, which he acquired in 1965. He selected it primarily for its mild climate, acidic soil and natural valley sweeping all the way down to the River Jaudy. Finding himself in what was then a dilapidated old farmhouse on 44 acres of land, he lost no time getting to work. Read more The gardens of Kerdalo, Brittany

Overbeck’s – The Garden With A View

From North and South Sands you start the climb, higher and higher, up the winding hill, with stupendous views across Salcombe Estuary, all the way to the very clifftop – here you are amply rewarded for your effort by the fabulous coastal and tropical garden at Overbeck’s. Read more Overbeck’s – The Garden With A View

Blue Flowering Shrubs

Blue Themed Garden?
Whether you’re tempted to create a blue colour themed garden, or wish to provide continuity of colour through the seasons, choosing plants and shrubs by colour alone is sometimes a necessary requirement.  The coolness of blue flowering shrubs can be a foil, for hot contrasting colours such as yellow or orange, or will create an elegant understated design, when used with white and silver leaved plants and shrubs. Here, we’ve chosen some of our absolute favourite blue flowering shrubs, for their depth of colour and fragrance and it’s therefore no co-incidence that these shrubs will attract many pollinators into your garden. Read more Blue Flowering Shrubs