Gardens With Seating Areas

People create and maintain their gardens for many different reasons but relaxation is surely near the top of the list. As a retreat for relaxation and contemplation, peaceful gardens with seating areas are a ‘must have’ component in our view.
Whether your garden design is on a grand scale or perhaps a tiny courtyard or roof terrace, with a bit of thought, you can create an oasis of calm by using clever planting and screening for privacy.
Here we are showcasing some of our favourite garden seating area designs, some are images we’ve collected ourselves during our travels to inspiring gardens and others have been sent to us by happy customers. There is surely something here to inspire your creativity whilst planning your outside space.

Hedges For Protection
The geometric trimming of this Yew Hedge provides a screen and  good protection for the occupants of this oak bench at Bateman’s, providing a contemplative space to view the water lily pond and the millhouse beyond.

Bench enclosed by Yew Hedging available to buy online UK
Bench enclosed by Yew Hedging at Bateman’s


Plants Suitable For Pots
By colour co-ordinating the planting with the limewashed terracotta walls, this sunny protected corner is the perfect spot for afternoon tea and a good read…

Potted plants seating area, buy plants for pots online UK
Co-ordinate colours when using plants for pots to bring life to a seating area


Garden Rooms
By creating rooms within your garden, be sure to include those secret corners where you can rest for a while. Using plants with various shades of green, creates a calm relaxing place, evergreen climbers and topiary set the mood

1- wrought-iron-bench


Creating Calmness In The Garden
The sound of running water and the myriad of greens can’t help but create an atmosphere of serenity…

ornamental lily pond with hedging plants - buy online UK
Wrought Iron Bench overlooking the lily pond


Bamboo screening provides privacy for the dining area of this Central London garden. In urban gardens, where space is at a premium, privacy and screening are of paramount importance. Bamboo will grow tall without taking up precious lateral space.

bamboo screening for sale online UK
Bamboo Screening provides privacy for this dining area in a Central London garden


Contemporary Gardens 
Often minimalist in design, contemporary gardens make use of architectural plants to create impact. In this garden, our customer used a woodland planting scheme for privacy along the boundary, with dramatic planting of hardy palms to frame the seating area.

Contemporary Garden seating area using architectural plants to buy online UK
Contemporary Garden seating area using architectural planting


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Blue Flowering Shrubs

Blue Themed Garden?
Whether you’re tempted to create a blue colour themed garden, or wish to provide continuity of colour through the seasons, choosing plants and shrubs by colour alone is sometimes a necessary requirement.  The coolness of blue flowering shrubs can be a foil, for hot contrasting colours such as yellow or orange, or will create an elegant understated design, when used with white and silver leaved plants and shrubs. Here, we’ve chosen some of our absolute favourite blue flowering shrubs, for their depth of colour and fragrance and it’s therefore no co-incidence that these shrubs will attract many pollinators into your garden. Read more Blue Flowering Shrubs

Inspirational Gardens – Isola Bella, Lake Maggiore, Italy

Inspirational Gardens – Isola Bella, Lake Maggiore, Italy
Inspirational Gardens – Isola Bella, Lake Maggiore, Italy – approach from Stresa

Magically situated, surrounded by the deep blue waters of Lake Maggiore, the gardens on the Island of Isola Bella, Borromeo family residence, is one of Italy’s most inspirational destinations and a fine example of the Italian baroque garden. Impossibly romantic and breathtakingly beautiful, the gardens of Isola Bella (which means Beautiful Island) are an absolute joy. Read more Inspirational Gardens – Isola Bella, Lake Maggiore, Italy

Inspirational UK Gardens : Allt-y-bela Gardens

Allt-y-Bela garden, Wales
Detail from Allt-y-Bela Garden, Monmouthshire Wales


Meandering up the long narrow lane, the first hint that something very special lies ahead are slender exotic tulips that begin to pepper the grassy verges among the wild flowers. Next, topiary sentinels seem to appear out of nowhere… Read more Inspirational UK Gardens : Allt-y-bela Gardens

Plants for Contemporary Gardens

Contemporary Gardens - The Porsche Gardens by Flemons & Warland (cloud trees supplied by Paramount Plants)
Contemporary Gardens – The Porsche Gardens by Flemons & Warland (cloud trees supplied by Paramount Plants)

We’re pretty sure you don’t need us to tell you that modern life is stressful. We live in a fast-paced world, where everybody wants something and they want it now! With this in mind, it is all the more important to have a quiet place that you can escape to. Read more Plants for Contemporary Gardens