Skimmia – for winter interest in the garden

Updated for the Autumn / Winter 2015 & 2016 Season

Why you should consider planting Skimmia’s in your garden…

Attractive evergreen and easy to grow Skimmia’s are stalwarts when it comes to providing interest in the Autumn and Winter when you need it most. Read more Skimmia – for winter interest in the garden

Climbing Plants – to enhance your garden

Climbing Plants – using climbers to enhance your garden and provide screening –
**Updated September 2015**

Many varieties of climbing plants are available and to narrow the choices you need to decide how you want the climber to work for you in your garden:-

Spring Flowering and Scented Trees and Shrubs

Daphne Odora Aureomarginata for sale - garden centre London
Daphne Odora Aureomarginata

It’s still cold outside but gradually we are starting to feel the start of Spring. The Daphne Odora Aureomarginata are in full flower and their scent is heavenly. Flowering started just around Valentine’s Day. They are fully hardy outside but we have put some indoors as the scent fills the air. The buds come through bright pink/purple and then the small delicate light pink flowers appear and are highly scented. Flowering should last until at least the end of March. Daphne are such a useful plant as they are a small, compact, evergreen shrubs so keep their leaves year round, unlike so many other fragrant and flowering Spring shrubs.

Another flowering and scented plant for early Spring is the Witchhazel – Hamamelis Mollis. The spidery deep yellow flowers cover the bare branches of this shrub from December until late March and the flowers are highly perfumed. Often Witch Hazel branches are used in floristry due to their elegant contemporary appearance. Read more Spring Flowering and Scented Trees and Shrubs