It’s finally Magnolia time – a little later than usual this year and now our trees have begun to burst into bloom. Now is the best time to plant them! We have a fabulous range in stock and some great offers on selected varieties…

Magnolia Stellata Rosea buy online UK

Magnolia Stellata Rosea in Bloom Today

Magnolias are pretty slow growing and here at Paramount Plants we say – why wait to see the beautiful blossoms in your garden? We stock mature trees that are already blooming and you can have an instant and fabulous display.

10-15 Year Old Magnolia Stellata Rosea Trees for sale UK

10-15 Year Old Magnolia Stellata Rosea Trees for Instant Impact

Magnolias are an ancient genus of trees, fossilised remains of Magnolias have been found that are more than 100 million years old – they were around even before the bees appeared on our planet and their stunning blooms evolved for pollination by non-flying insects. Magnolias take between 8 -15 years from seed to flowering and they are renowned for their longevity. They are mainly deciduous shrubs or small trees and prefer full sun or partial shade in a neutral to acid soil and do best in a sheltered position.

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Magnolia Stellata Rosea | Pink Star Magnolia in bloom today at Paramount Plants

Our Favourite Varieties of Magnolia
Magnolia Stellata Rosea produces wonderfully prolific pink blooms, also known as the Star Magnolia, there is also beautiful white version of this variety.
Special offer on Pink Star Magnolias at Paramount Plants.

The Pink Star Magnolia | Magnolia Stellata Rosea buy online UK

The Pink Star Magnolia | Magnolia Stellata Rosea in bud and about to flower

Magnolia Liliflora Nigra is known by a number of more common names – Tulip Tree, Mulan, Jane, Susan, Red and Purple Magnolia and not forgetting Woody Orchid!
It has been cultivated for centuries in China and Japan and although it’s not native to Japan it is sometimes called the Japanese Magnolia.

Magnolia Liliflora Nigra or Susan for sale UK delivery

Magnolia Liliflora Nigra ‘Susan’ | Magnolia Soulangeana or Saucer

This deciduous shrub or small tree has stunning and profuse displays in early spring producing large showy pink and purple goblet shaped blooms.
Magnolia Liliflora Nigra ‘Susan’ has an RHS Award of Garden Merit.
This shrub is relatively slow growing – we sell 10-15 year old trees that have reached flowering age.
Special offer on Magnolia Susan at Paramount Plants
Related to the Saucer Magnolia – Soulangeana it is one of the most beautiful and exotic of the spring flowering shrubs.

Magnolia Soulangeana for sale UK

Magnolia Soulangeana also known as the Saucer Magnolia

The Saucer Magnolia or Soulangeana is also known as Chinese Magnolia, a deciduous shrub these take on a tree like appearance as they grow older and produce their fabulous showy flowers in early spring.
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