A magnificent tree species, the Purple Beech is a deciduous, broadleaf variety and an attractive sight in the English landscape, providing luscious contrast to the myriad shades of green. This was an attribute clearly understood by Capability Brown, who planted the Purple Beech so strategically in many of his grand landscape designs.
So successfully in fact, that we now view these trees as a standard component of our natural landscape. With their huge canopy and immediately recognisable shape, they are beautiful specimen trees that will draw the eye when planted as a woodland setting or as a contrast standing alone. As a specimen tree they do get quite large and so may not be suitable for small gardens. We also have this tree trained as a full standard – with a lovely clear stem and bushy crown.


Purple Beech Hedge plants to buy online UK

Purple Beech Hedge Mini Maze – a beautiful sculptural shape – shown in June


purple beech trees for hedging for sale online UK

The same Purple Beech mini maze in winter, still retaining the bronze coppery leaves and sculptural shape.


Purple Beech Hedging Plants

Purple Beech trees lend themselves to creative pruning and trimming as hedging and will form the most fabulous hedging or topiary shapes.


Purple Beech trimmed into shapes buy plants online UK

Purple Beech pruned into Topiary globes, create a beautiful luscious contrast with the various shades of green


Purple Beech is a new arrival at Paramount Plants

We have chosen this cultivar, Fagus Sylvatica Atropunicea for it’s striking purple foliage, that keeps the colour true and right through the season. Some other varieties of Copper Beech will turn to green as the summer approaches. In Autumn the foliage takes on a lovely coppery bronze and even in winter the lovely sculptural branches create a ‘ghost’ appearance of the summer foliage. A lovely natural hedge that will form a nice dense screen, good for wildlife who will nest among its branches.


Purple Beech Trees and Hedging Offers, buy UK

Purple Beech Trees and Hedging Offers


We have three sizes of Fagus Sylvatica Atropunicea – Purple Beech on **SPECIAL OFFER** when you buy 10 plants save ££’s
We also have Fagus Sylvatica Atropunicea – or Copper Beech as a full standard tree – lovely for above wall or fence screening.

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