Why Gardening is Good for You – Mind, Body and Soul

If you’re an avid gardener, you may already be aware of the inner peace and happiness that is gained from nurturing your garden. However, do you know that there are also many scientifically-proven health benefits to gardening?

Here at Paramount Plants , we’ve taken a look at the top physical and emotional health benefits of gardening and it’s really quite fascinating…

Mind –

Gardening is a fantastic way to improve general vitality, emotional health and mental abilities. There’s nothing better than spending time outdoors amongst nature and fully focusing on the task at hand. Often a simple and effective way to alleviate anxiety and emotional stress is to clear your mind by directing your thoughts elsewhere and keeping busy.

Researchers often find in their studies that subjects who participate in gardening have a positive mental outlook. The Journal of Health Psychology found that people who feel a connection to nature are indeed happier.

Contemporary garden in London UK


Studies have found that exposure to the harmless bacteria Mycobacterium Vaccae found in soil actually stimulates the immune system and boosts serotonin production. Low levels of serotonin are associated with depression; an increase in this brain chemical helps to regulate moods.
Gardening may help to prevent dementia in those over 60. Gardening requires you to think, learn and use your creativity. By keeping the mind active, it can serve as a protective measure against degenerative diseases.

Body –
Beautiful flowering shrubs are a gift to the sensesStress can cause all sorts of health problems from headaches to high-blood pressure and it can worsen pre-existing medical conditions. A tried and tested way that always helps relieve both physical and emotional tension is exercise.
Gardening is a moderate-intensity level of activity and targets the whole body. Whilst pruning those hedges, mowing the grass and pulling weeds, you might not realise it but every week you’re getting a good couple of hours of exercise. If you want to lose weight, this is another way of burning some extra calories and having a beautiful garden!
Another health benefit is growing your own fruit and vegetables. Home-grown organic fruit and vegetables are good for your body, your waistline and your bank account, as it is much more economical to grow your own produce instead of sourcing organic fruit and vegetables from your local supermarket.

Gardening reconnects us to the cycles of nature. These cycles remind us to stop and pay attention to the rhythm of life and to appreciate the many wonderful facets of nature. Whilst gardening we learn to slow down, stop watching the clock, focus on our senses and ultimately – be in the present.
Cultivating your own garden and seeing it grow before your very eyes is a rewarding process. Great satisfaction comes from a job well done and reaping the benefits.

Indian Hawthorn flowers, London UK

‘You reap what you sow’, is very fitting when it comes to gardening. Your hard work will provide you with a gorgeous garden, a tranquil place to relax and hideaway, a welcoming space to entertain friends and family, as well as improve your overall health and happiness.

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