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Irrigation Systems

Regular and proper watering is essential if you want to have a thriving garden, but it takes a lot of time and effort if you are doing it manually. That is why automated irrigation systems are becoming more and more popular with UK gardeners as they make sure your plants are happy while freeing up your time. In addition, irrigation systems conserve water, making them both eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

There are different types of garden watering systems that are available, each with its pros and cons. At Paramount Plants and Gardens, we offer you various options to meet your specific needs: watering kits for raised beds and borders, greenhouses, or pots and containers, solar-powered smart watering systems, as well as classic dripper irrigation pipes for gardens.

In addition to being a more efficient way to keep your plants watered on a regular basis, our irrigation systems ensure that your plants never go without water while you are busy or on vacation.

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Watering bag and wheelbarrow for easy garden watering, buy online UK delivery. Garden Watering Bundle
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Flopro Digital Timer for Automatic Watering Flopro Digital Timer for Automatic Watering
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Flopro Eco-Smart Irrigation System Flopro Irrigatia Eco-Smart Watering 24 Irrigation System
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Flopro Irrigatia Eco-Smart Watering 12 is a nifty solar-powered irrigation system Flopro Irrigatia Eco-Smart Watering System
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Mechanical Watering Timer for Irrigation Systems Flopro Mechanical Watering Timer
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Flopro Plug And Go Watering Pots & Container Irrigation Kit Flopro Plug And Go Watering Kit
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Flopro Plug And Go Watering Kit for Raised Beds & Borders Flopro Plug And Go Watering Kit for Raised Beds And Borders
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Flopro Plug And Go Watering Kit for Greenhouses Flopro Plug And Go Watering Kit for the Greenhouse
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Flopro Professional Rotating Sprinkler Flopro Professional Rotating Sprinkler
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Flopro Professional Tripod Sprinkler Flopro Professional Tripod Sprinkler
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Irrigation Bag for Newly Planted Trees GROWtect t-bag irrigation bag
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Black Dripper Line Pipe 33 cm for Garden Irrigation 100 Meters in Length Junior Black Dripper Pipe 33cm Spacing 100 Metres Long
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LBS H2GO Watering Bag 80 Litre LBS H2GO Watering Bag 80 Litre
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16 mm Brown Dripper Pipe for Garden Irrigation Multibar professional Brown Dripper Pipe for Irrigation
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Flopro Soaker Hose 15 Metre Irrigation Hose Soaker Hose Irrigation Hoses
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Water Soaker Hose Irrigation Kits Soaker Hose Irrigation Kits

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