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Azalea Mollis Anneke Deciduous Azalea

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Height Excluding Pot: 50-60cm (1ft 7-1ft 11)

Pot size: 4.5 Litres

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Azalea Mollis Anneke
Azalea Anneke is a deciduous hybrid azalea with large vivid yellow flowers. It suits a mixed border or a well-watered container. The Mollis hybrids tend to be a low to medium size shrubs and usually have large flowers sometimes fragrant grown in clusters. Compared to the Knaphill hybrids, Mollis flower a week or two earlier. They generally have good autumn colour. Mollis originated as selections from Rhododendron Molle Japonicum as far back as 1873, predating the Exbury Azaleas. 

As its name suggests the Anneke cultivar was bred in Holland. This is a deciduous azalea so it will lose its mid-green foliage in autumn, but not before the large oval leaves turn shades of red and orange.  In spring foliage begins to re-emerge followed in May by large vivid yellow flowers that smother the shrub. The flowers are sweetly fragrant and measure up to 10 cms borne in trusses of nine. It’s quite a showstopper in full bloom attracting lots of beneficial pollinators. 

Height and Spread of Azalea Mollis Anneke
The Azalea Mollis cultivars are more compact than other azaleas and they tend to spread more than they gain in height. They will reach a maximum of 1.5 metres tall and up to 2 metres across.  

How Hardy Is Azalea Mollis Anneke
Azalea Anneke is winter hardy in the UK, withstanding freezing temperatures if its roots are well-drained. It is rarely bothered by pests. 

How to Use Azalea Mollis Anneke
This bright yellow azalea can’t be missed in a mixed border or grown as a stunning specimen. If you have alkaline soil, plant this azalea in a large well-watered container planted with ericaceous soil
Azalea Mollis Anneke is low maintenance so its a good choice for a busy gardener. Its bright fragrant blooms are loved by bees and butterflies in a wildlife-friendly garden.   

How To Care For Azalea Mollis Anneke
All azaleas need acidic soil or the leaves turn choleric due to a lack of iron. This leads them to yellow and stunts its overall growth. 
Prepare the planting hole with lots of acidic based compost and plant Anneke shallowly so the stem is not buried. If you have alkaline soil its best to grow azaleas in a container of ericaceous compost, but ensure they don’t dry out.
Azaleas like light or partial shade, well-drained moist soil, and a sheltered position. 
There is no need to prune this shrub as it naturally grows in a compact shape, but you can cut back last year’s growth before the foliage emerges in early spring if you want to restrict its size. Mulch with an acidic based compost in spring and water well until established.

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