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Akebia Quinata Cream Form

Akebia quinata Cream Form. Chocolate Vine Cream Form Climber for sale online UK delivery.
Akebia quinata Cream Form. Chocolate Vine Cream Form Climber
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Height Excluding Pot: 80-100cm (2ft 7-3ft 3)

Plant shape: on 1 bamboo cane

Pot size: 7 Litres

Plant ID: 8626 15

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Akebia Quinata Cream Form is a hardy semi-evergreen vine also known as Chocolate Vine Cream Form. It has much to recommend it to gardeners, both for its long-lasting foliage and beautiful spring flowers. 
Native to China, Japan and Korea, Akebia Quinata Cream Form was first grown in the UK in 1845 and has remained popular ever since. The new leaves emerge tinged with bronze in the early spring, followed from March to May with beautiful clusters of white flowers with purple centres which smell deliciously of vanilla, with the fragrance intensifying in the evening. Rarely, the flowers will be followed by edible purple fruit, but it takes a warm spring and hot summer, as well as cross-pollination, to achieve that. The real attraction of Chocolate Vine Cream Form is in the spring flowers and the foliage, which changes to a medium green for summer and autumn, before acquiring a purplish tinge in winter.
Chocolate Vine Cream Form is fully hardy throughout the UK, and will grow over a period of 5 to10 years to a height and spread of 8-12 metres. Prune back immediately after flowering to allow next year’s buds to form. 
Akebia quinata Cream Form will grow happily in full sun, or partial or full shade, in a sheltered or exposed position. Avoid an east aspect to prevent the flower buds from being nipped by frost in the early spring. It will tolerate any soil type or ph as long as the soil is moist but well-drained. Chocolate Vine Cream Form resents having its roots disturbed after it is planted, so make sure that you choose the right spot the first time!
Chocolate Vine Cream Form is a wonderful climber for your garden, large or small. It looks equally good growing across a wall or covering over an unattractive garden shed. It also is suited to growing over a pergola, or on a sturdy trellis to provide a privacy screen next to a patio, where the exotically scented flowers will be delightful on a spring evening. It will even grow happily through the branches of a tree. It would make a stunning courtyard planting, clothing a wall with its year-round foliage and beautiful, fragrant spring blooms. 
Akebia quinata Cream Form is a tough, versatile climbing vine with dependable foliage and beautiful spring flowers which can find a place in any UK garden, large or small!

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